ERP Consultant

If you are looking about ERP consultant you are ata the right place. This article will guide you who is consultant. Best example is SOSE! (SITE Open Source ERP) is online ERP software consultant for you.

The qualities of the consultant:
Just the overall understanding of what ERP is all about? Why companies use ERP? Check some articles on this site for ERP.

He should have knowledge on databases: This is a must requirement for anybody who wishes to break into this field. If you have any RDBMS skills like MySQL or SQL Server then you are almost there.

Should have knowledge about tools to expand and customize ERP systems. You will find ideas on tools for ERP in this site.

Should have working knowledge about ERP modules: Some of the key modules are General Ledger, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Purchasing and Inventory. He may select each module at a time and start understanding basics of each. This is somewhat of an optional track if he decide to just become a core technical person to begin with. But he should always try to gain the understanding as you go forward.

Should have some Training like SOSE! ERP consultant tutorial

At least he should have worked on ERP implementation of one company. This way he get to learn and work at the same time and when the client sees the potential in him they might offer you a salaried position, so it becomes a win-win situation.