Greenhouse Heating Calculator Online

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Greenhouse Heating Calculator

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Quick Guide to Use This Calculator

  • Enter the heat transfer coefficient (U) in watts per square meter per degree Celsius.
  • Input the greenhouse area, specifying whether it’s in square meters or square feet.
  • Provide the desired temperature inside the greenhouse in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Enter the outside temperature in the same unit as the desired temperature.
  • Click “Calculate” to get the required heating capacity and related information.
  • You will get the answer both in watts and BTU/hr.
  • Use the “Reset” button to clear the inputs and results for a new calculation.


Required heating capacity in Watts (Q(w)) =   Heat transfer coefficient (U) x Area in m² x ( Desired temperature in °C – Outside temperature in °C) 

Required heating capacity in BTS/hr =  (Q(w)) x 3.412141633

Input field details

Heat Transfer Coefficient (U)

It represents the rate at which heat is transferred through the materials of the greenhouse structure. It is specifically defined as the amount of heat energy transferred through a unit area of a material (such as a wall or roof) per unit of time, per unit of temperature difference. It is the reciprocal of the insulation capacity of the material.

It is measured in watts per square meter per degree Celsius (W/(m²·°C)). A higher U-value indicates a higher rate of heat loss, emphasizing the importance of insulation in maintaining the desired temperature inside the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Area

The greenhouse area refers to the total surface area of the greenhouse structure where heat transfer occurs. Users can input this value based on their greenhouse dimensions.

Users can choose between “Square Meters” or “Square Feet” to match their preferred unit of measurement.

Desired Temperature Inside Greenhouse

This is the temperature that the user aims to maintain inside the greenhouse for optimal plant growth or other specific purposes.

Users can input the desired temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on their preference.

Outside Temperature

It is the current or expected temperature outside the greenhouse. This is a critical factor in calculating the heat loss and determining the required heating capacity.

Users can input the outside temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, aligning with their chosen unit for the desired temperature.

What is a Greenhouse Heating Calculator?

The Greenhouse Heating Calculator helps determine the required heating capacity for maintaining a desired temperature inside a greenhouse. It considers factors like heat transfer coefficient, greenhouse area, and temperature differentials.

Who Can Use This Calculator?

Greenhouse owners, horticulturists, and agricultural professionals aiming to optimize heating systems for their greenhouse environments can benefit from this calculator.

Industries That Can Use This Calculator

Agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, and any industry utilizing greenhouses for plant cultivation or temperature-sensitive processes.

Benefits of Using This Calculator

  • Efficiently sized heating systems.
  • Optimize energy consumption.
  • Ensure optimal growing conditions.
  • Minimize heating-related costs.
  • Improve greenhouse resource management.


What is the insulation factor (I)?

The insulation factor represents the effectiveness of the greenhouse insulation. Higher values indicate better insulation. It is the inverse of the heat transfer coefficient.

Can I use square feet for the greenhouse area?

Yes, just select “Square Feet” as the area unit, and the calculator will convert it to square meters.


The Greenhouse Heating Calculator is a valuable tool for individuals in agriculture and related industries.

It considers key factors and provides insights into the required heating capacity, aiding in efficient greenhouse temperature management and resource utilization.