Drilling Cost Calculator Online

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Drilling Cost Estimator

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Quick Guide to Use this Calculator

  • Select your preferred currency.
  • Enter the cost for each parameter such as Depth, Location, Method, Equipment, Labor, Material, and Other costs.
  • Input the total number of meters drilled.
  • Click on the “Calculate” button to see the drilling cost per meter and total drilling cost.


Total Drilling Cost=Depth Cost+Location Cost+Method Cost+Equipment Cost+Labor Cost+Material Cost + Other Cost

Drilling cost per meter = Total drilling cost / total number of meters drilled

Input Field Details

  • Select Your Currency: Choose your preferred currency for cost estimates.
  • Depth Cost: Cost associated with drilling depth.
  • Location Cost: Cost related to the drilling site location.
  • Method Cost: Cost of the drilling method employed.
  • Equipment Cost: Cost of drilling equipment.
  • Labor Cost: Cost of labor involved in drilling operations.
  • Material Cost: Cost of materials used in drilling.
  • Other Cost: Any additional miscellaneous costs.
  • Total Meters Drilled: Total number of meters drilled.

What is a Drilling Cost Calculator?

The Drilling Cost Calculator is a tool designed to estimate the cost of drilling operations based on various parameters.

Who Can Use this Calculator?

Engineers, project managers, drilling contractors, and anyone involved in drilling operations can benefit from using this calculator.

Industries That Can Use This Calculator

Oil and gas exploration, mining, geothermal energy, construction, and civil engineering industries can utilize this calculator.

Benefits of Using this Calculator

  • Quickly estimate drilling costs.
  • Plan budgets more effectively.
  • Optimize resource allocation.
  • Make informed decisions about drilling projects.


Can I use this calculator for both onshore and offshore drilling projects?

Yes, this calculator can be used for both onshore and offshore drilling projects.


A calculator is a valuable tool for estimating drilling expenses accurately, helping industry professionals make informed decisions and plan their projects effectively.