Weather and Climate Calculators

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Weather and Climate Calculators offer precise forecasts and environmental assessments, aiding decisions in sectors like agriculture, energy, and sustainability. These tools contribute to data-driven insights for adapting to weather patterns and addressing climate challenges.

Cooling Tower Efficiency Calculator

The tool provides range, approach, and efficiency of the cooling tower to ensure optimal cooling system operation by considering hot water, cold water, and wet bulb temperatures.

Daylight Factor Calculator

This tool precisely calculates illuminance and daylight factor for optimal lighting design based on Sky Component, Externally Reflected Component, Internally Reflected Component, and Simultaneous Outdoor Illuminance.

Growing Degree Days Calculator

This calculator provides growing degree days as a result by inputting base and cutoff temperatures of crop along with recorded low and high temperatures of location. That helps you to estimate the growth and development of crops.

Heat Index Calculator

This calculator calculates heat index that helps you to predict how hot it feels based on temperature and humidity.

HVAC Noise Level Calculator

The HVAC Noise Level Calculator estimates noise levels produced by HVAC equipment, providing insights into perceived loudness and recommended actions for noise reduction.

Rainwater Harvesting Calculator

This calculator provides the amount of water collected in gallons, liters, and cubic meters for sustainable water management based on the roof area and precipitation.

Relative Humidity Calculator

The tool provides relative humidity using dew and air temperature for optimal environmental monitoring.

Server Power Consumption calculator

This calculator is an essential tool designed to help IT professionals and business owners estimate the power consumption and operating costs of their servers.

Temperature Humidity Index Calculator

The calculator gives a temperature humidity index that predicts the level of stress and discomfort experienced by individuals and visualizes them with a dynamic thermometer color representation.

Ventilation Rate Calculator

This calculator elevates indoor air quality by providing ventilation rate and airspeed as a result of considering room volume, air change rate, and desired velocity.

Water Application Rate Calculator

With this tool, you can precise water application in inches per hour to ensure efficient water management by inputting the area of the field and water flow rate.