Chase Production Strategy Calculator Online

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Chase Production Strategy Calculator

Net Requirements:
Workers Needed:
Regular Production:
Ending Inventory:

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How to Use the Calculator

To use the Chase Production Strategy Calculator, simply input the following data:

  • Demand: Enter the expected demand for your product for the upcoming month.
  • Beginning Inventory: Specify the amount of inventory already available at the start of the month.
  • Production Capacity per Worker: Provide the number of units each worker can produce per month.

After filling in these fields, click the “Calculate” button to see how many workers you’ll need, your production output, and your inventory status at the month’s end. Use the “Reset” button to clear all fields and start a new calculation.


  1. Net Requirements=Demand−Beginning Inventory

This formula calculates the total units that need to be produced for the month after accounting for the inventory already available at the beginning of the month.

  1. Number of Workers= Net Requirements​ / Units per Worker

This formula determines how many workers are needed to meet the net requirements, assuming each worker can produce a certain number of units per month.

  1. Regular Production= Number of Workers × Units per Worker

This calculates the total production based on the number of workers and how many units each worker can produce.

  1. Ending Inventory= Beginning Inventory + Production−Demand

This formula calculates the inventory level at the end of the month. It takes the starting inventory, adds what was produced during the month, and subtracts what was sold (demand).

Description of the Method

The Chase Production Strategy aligns production directly with demand. It adjusts workforce levels and output to meet specific demand forecasts, minimizing inventory costs and reducing excess stock. This strategy is particularly useful for industries facing seasonal demand or those with perishable goods.

Who Can Use This Calculator

This tool is invaluable for:

  • Production Managers in manufacturing, especially in sectors like consumer electronics, fashion, and food production.
  • Small Business Owners looking to optimize resources and respond dynamically to market demands.
  • Supply Chain Analysts are tasked with streamlining operations to balance supply with demand effectively.

Where It Is Useful

The Chase Production Strategy Calculator is beneficial in environments where:

  • Demand fluctuates significantly.
  • Inventory holding costs are high.
  • Production flexibility is feasible in terms of labor and material supply.


What is the Chase Production Strategy?

It’s a production planning method that matches production rates directly with demand forecasts, reducing inventory costs and increasing operational efficiency. Click here to learn more about Chase production strategy.

Can this strategy be used for any type of product?

While versatile, it’s best used where adjusting production quickly is possible and economical, such as in manufacturing and assembly industries.

What are the risks of using the Chase Production Strategy?

The main risks include potential disruptions due to the rapid scaling of the workforce and the challenges in accurate demand forecasting.


The Chase Production Strategy Calculator provides a straightforward, practical tool for businesses aiming to align their production processes with market demand efficiently.

By accurately determining the workforce, production output, and inventory requirements, companies can make informed decisions that enhance profitability and operational efficiency. Utilize this calculator to stay responsive to market conditions and optimize your production strategy.