Work in Progress Calculator Online

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Work in Progress Calculator

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The quick guide to using the Calculator

  • Input your Beginning WIP Cost
  • Add the Manufacturing Costs
  • Enter the Cost of Goods Manufactured. 
  • Click ‘Calculate’ to see your Ending Work in Progress, and ‘Reset’ to clear all fields.

The formula used in the WIP Calculator

Ending WIP = Beginning WIP + Manufacturing Costs – Cost of Goods Manufactured

Understanding Work in Progress (WIP)

Work in Progress (WIP) is a key financial concept in inventory management and accounting. It represents the value of items in production but not yet complete. Our calculator simplifies tracking WIP, crucial for businesses managing resources effectively.

Who Can Benefit?

This WIP calculator is ideal for manufacturers, project managers, accountants, and business owners who need to monitor ongoing projects, control inventory, and manage financial records efficiently.

Applications in Various Industries

From construction and manufacturing to retail and accounting, this tool helps maintain a clear overview of your production costs and progress. It’s an invaluable asset for improving workflow and financial clarity in any industry.

What is a Work in Progress (WIP) Calculator?

A Work in Progress (WIP) Calculator is a tool designed to help businesses calculate the ending balance of their work-in-progress inventory. It considers the beginning WIP cost, manufacturing costs added during the period, and the cost of goods manufactured.


How accurate is the WIP Calculator?

The WIP Calculator is highly accurate, provided the input values you enter are correct. It’s a reliable tool for getting a quick snapshot of your work-in-progress inventory value.

Is the WIP Calculator free to use?

Yes, the WIP Calculator is completely free to use and is an excellent tool for businesses looking to streamline their inventory and financial reporting processes.

Can the WIP Calculator handle different currencies?

Yes, our WIP Calculator allows you to select different currencies like Euros, Dollars, Rupees, etc., to suit your financial reporting needs.


Work in Progress (WIP) Calculator is an essential tool for any business seeking to gain a clear and accurate understanding of their inventory status.

It simplifies the complex process of financial and inventory management by providing quick, reliable calculations of the ending WIP balance.