Product Lifecycle Cost Calculator Online (PLC Calculator)

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Product Lifecycle Cost Calculator

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Quick Guide to Use This Calculator

  • Select the currency.
    • Input the initial production costs directly or break down the initial production costs and add value. That will add up in the initial production costs field.
    • Enter the maintenance costs directly or break down the maintenance costs and add value. That will add up in the maintenance costs field.
  • Specify the lifespan of the product.
    • Input any recycling costs directly, if applicable, or break down and add value. That will add up in the recycling costs field. 
  • Click “Calculate” to get the product lifecycle cost.
  • Use “Reset” to clear the form and start over.


Product Lifecycle Cost = Initial Production Costs +  (Maintenance Costs x Life span of the product)  +  End-of-Life Disposal or Recycling Costs


Initial Production Costs = Materials cost + Labor cost + overhead cost + R &D cost + marketing

Maintenance costs per year = service cost + repair cost + spare parts cost + warranty claim cost

Recycling cost = recycle cost + disposal cost + environmental clean-up cost

What is a Product Lifecycle Cost Calculator?

The Product Lifecycle Cost Calculator is a tool designed to estimate the total cost of producing and maintaining a product over its entire lifespan, including initial production, maintenance, and recycling costs.

Who Can Use This Calculator?

This calculator can be used by businesses, product managers, project managers, engineers, and financial analysts to evaluate the total cost of developing and maintaining a product.

Which Industries Can Use This Calculator?

Industries such as manufacturing, automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and any other industry involved in product development and lifecycle management can benefit from using this calculator.

Benefits of Using This Calculator

  • Accurately estimate the total cost of a product over its lifecycle.
  • Identify cost drivers and areas for potential cost reduction.
  • Make informed decisions about product development and investment.
  • Plan budgets and allocate resources effectively.


Can I use this calculator for services instead of physical products?

While primarily designed for physical products, you can adapt the calculator for service-based projects by inputting relevant cost components.


The Product Lifecycle Cost Calculator is a tool for businesses to assess the total cost of producing and maintaining a product. By considering all cost factors, organizations can make informed decisions and optimize their resources effectively.