Financial and Investment Calculators

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Navigate the complexities of finance with ease through our Financial and Investment Calculators. Empower yourself to make sound financial decisions and achieve your goals.

Actual Cost Calculator

Calculates the Actual cost of a product or service, factoring in all direct and indirect expenses, fixed, variable, and sunken costs to provide a comprehensive understanding of total expenditure.

Asset Turnover Ratio Calculator

This calculator gives the result of the Asset turnover ratio and fixed asset turnover ratio to measure how efficiently a company uses its assets to generate sales.

Average Selling Price Calculator

Determines the average price at which a particular product or service is sold over a certain period, helping understand pricing strategies and market position.

Break-Even Point Calculator

This calculator gives the break-even point of units and sales value by calculating the point at which total costs and total revenue are equal.

Basic Earnings Per Share(EPS) Calculator

Use our EPS Calculator online to quickly determine a company’s profitability per share of common stock.

Buy or Rent Calculator

Use this calculator to help you decide whether purchasing or renting a property is the better financial option for you.

Capital Expenditure Calculator

Estimates the total expenditures on major physical goods or services considering present and previous period data that will be used in budgeting and long-term planning.

Cost Benefits Analysis Calculator

Use our Cost Benefits Analysis Calculator to determine if the CVA ratio indicates economic feasibility.

Diluted EPS Calculator

This calculator provides an easy-to-use interface for calculating a company’s earnings per share, considering all possible convertible securities for accurate investment analysis.

Discount Calculator

Determines the reduced price of a product or service after applying a specific discount rate, helping in sales promotions and price optimization.

Discount and Sales Tax Calculator

This calculator simplifies your shopping and pricing strategy by quickly determining the final cost of products after applying discounts and sales tax, ensuring transparency and savings with every calculation.

Depreciation Calculator

The calculator helps users compute the yearly depreciation of assets, displaying results in both tabular and graphical formats for easy understanding and financial planning.

Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator

This Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator allows users to compute depreciation over the useful life of an asset using the accelerated double declining balance method, displaying detailed yearly depreciation amounts and book values.

Dupont Analysis Calculator

Discover how Net Profit Margin, Total Asset Turnover, and Financial Leverage impact your company’s Return on Equity with our Dupont Analysis method.

Economic Order Quantity Calculator

Computes the ideal order quantity that minimizes the total holding costs and ordering costs, optimizing inventory management.

EMI Calculator

Determines the monthly payment amount towards a loan based on interest rate and loan term, assisting in loan planning and affordability assessment.

EMI Prepayment Calculator

It calculates the remaining balance payment, total interest savings, and the adjustment of the prepayment towards either reducing the monthly EMI amount or the loan tenure.

ERP Implementation Calculator

This tool estimates the total expenses involved in deploying an Enterprise Resource Planning system, considering costs like software, hardware, consulting, staff, training, and maintenance.

Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF) Calculator

The FCFF (Free Cash Flow to Firm) Calculator is an advanced financial tool designed to help investors, financial analysts, and business owners assess the cash generated by a company that could be available to shareholders and debt holders. This calculation is pivotal for valuation and investment analysis.

Money Market Yield Calculator

This Calculator computes the yield percentage, considering face value, purchase price, and time in days, for accurate investment analysis.

Net Present Value Calculator

This NPV calculator provides yearly breakdowns of net present value for both variable and fixed yearly cash flows, enabling informed investment decisions.

Payback Period Calculator

This Payback Period Calculator offers payback period calculations for both even and uneven cash flows over a selected number of years, aiding in swift investment recovery assessments.

Purchase Order Finance Calculator

This calculator determines the refundable amount for a given term, facilitating effective financial planning for your orders.

Product Lifecycle Cost Calculator Online (PLC Calculator)

The Product Lifecycle Cost Calculator is a comprehensive tool for estimating the total cost of developing, maintaining, and recycling a product, helping businesses make informed decisions and optimize resources.

Profit Margin Calculator

This calculator quickly and easily determines your profit margins, helping you make informed pricing and business decisions with confidence.

Released Value and Quantity Calculator

Released Value and Quantity Calculator totals present and previous years’ released value and quantity, offering a clear comparison over time.

Simple Interest Calculator

Simple Interest Calculator reveals interest earned and the total amount for specified interest rates and periods, simplifying interest calculations.

Simple savings calculator

This calculator calculates interest earned, total contributions, and total savings over a given period, rate, and contributions for effective saving strategy planning.

Sustainable Growth Rate Calculator

Explore your company’s growth limits without external financing using our intuitive Sustainable Growth Rate Calculator.

Total Cost Of Ownership Calculator

It is a very generic calculator that computes the total cost of ownership, encompassing all expenses linked to acquiring, operating, and maintaining an asset or system across its entire lifecycle. It factors in various costs such as initial, maintenance, operation, production, and remaining costs, providing a comprehensive assessment of overall expenses.

TCO Calculator for Software

This calculator provides a comprehensive assessment of all expenses associated with acquiring, implementing, and maintaining software solutions, aimed at helping businesses make informed financial decisions.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator for the Automotive Industry

Maximize your financial awareness with our TCO Calculator, designed to unveil the comprehensive costs of vehicle ownership, empowering informed decisions.

TCO Calculator for Construction Equipment

The calculator provides a straightforward estimation of the total cost of owning and operating construction equipment over its lifespan, incorporating initial purchase, maintenance, fuel, and subtracting resale value.

ROI and IRR Calculator

This calculator provides both the Return on Investment (ROI) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) percentages, facilitating comprehensive investment performance analysis.

Revenue Growth Rate Calculator

Calculate your revenue growth rate easily with our multi-currency calculator to assess your business’s financial performance across different time periods.

Vendor Rating Cost Ratio Calculator

This calculator determines the total cost ratio and net adjusted unit price, aiding in precise vendor evaluation and selection.