Released Value and Quantity Calculator Online

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Released Value and Quantity Calculator

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How to Use the Released Value and Quantity Calculator

This Released Value and Quantity Calculator is designed for ease of use, helping you manage and track contract details efficiently. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Choose Your Currency: Start by selecting from eight major currencies to tailor calculations to your local or preferred currency.
  • Input Contract Value: Enter the total value agreed upon in your contract.
  • Fill in Previously Released Amounts: Add the sum of all amounts released under the contract before the current release.
  • Current Release Order Value: Specify the value of the most recent release order.
  • Enter Previously Released Quantities: Input the cumulative quantities of items released before this order.
  • Current Release Order Quantity: Note the quantity of items in the latest release order.
  • Hit Calculate: Press the ‘Calculate’ button to get the total released value and quantity.
  • Reset as Needed: Use the ‘Reset’ button to clear all inputs for a new calculation.


  • Contract Value (CV): The total value of the contract.
  • Previously Released Amounts (PRA): The sum of the values of all release orders issued prior to the current one.
  • Value of Current Release Order (VRO): The value of the current release order being issued.
  • Total Previously Released Quantities (TPRQ): The sum of quantities for all items released in previous orders.
  • Quantity of Current Release Order (QRO): The quantity of items in the current release order.


  • Total Released Value Calculation:

Total Released Value (TRV) = PRA + VRO

This calculates the cumulative value of all release orders issued within the contract’s validity period, including the current order.

  • Total Released Quantity Calculation:

Total Released Quantity (TRQ) = TPRQ + QRO

This calculates the cumulative quantity of items released through various orders within the contract’s validity period, including the current order.

What is the Released Value and Quantity Calculator?

The Released Value and Quantity Calculator is an online tool designed to help users calculate the total monetary value and the total quantity of items released under a specific contract. It aids in managing contract finances and inventory effectively.

Understanding the Calculator

This tool simplifies the tracking of contractual financial and item release commitments. It calculates the cumulative value and quantity of items released, aiding in financial oversight and inventory management.

By entering straightforward data, users gain immediate insights essential for effective contract and supply chain management.

Benefits of Using This Calculator

  • Contract Administrators: For monitoring financial obligations and material distributions in contracts.
  • Inventory Managers: To ensure stock levels align with contract releases.
  • Financial Controllers: For accurate budget tracking and financial reporting on contract expenditures.
  • Project Coordinators: To maintain accurate records of material and financial resource allocation.


  • Financial Oversight: Provides a clear view of contractual spending and material usage.
  • Inventory Management: Aids in maintaining optimal inventory levels based on contractual releases.
  • Budget Management: Assists in forecasting and managing budgets with up-to-date contract expenditure data.
  • Contract Compliance: Helps ensure compliance with contractual terms regarding financial disbursements and item delivery.


How does the calculator help in managing contracts?

The calculator provides immediate insights into the financial and inventory aspects of your contracts, helping you track spending, ensure compliance with contractual terms, manage inventory levels, and forecast future needs.

Is the Released Value and Quantity Calculator free to use?

Yes, this calculator is typically offered as a free tool to assist users in managing their contracts more efficiently, providing valuable insights without any cost.

Can the Released Value and Quantity Calculator help in forecasting future contract needs?

While the primary function of the calculator is to track and manage current contractual releases, the insights gained can inform future contract negotiations, budgeting, and inventory planning, indirectly supporting forecasting efforts.


The Released Value and Quantity Calculator is an invaluable tool for businesses engaged in contract management, offering a straightforward solution for tracking and managing contract financials and item releases.

Whether you’re overseeing procurement, managing projects, or ensuring budget compliance, this calculator streamifies the process, providing clear, actionable insights to support informed decision-making and strategic planning.