Warehouse Capacity Calculator Online

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Warehouse Storage Capacity Calculator

Quick Guide to Use the Calculator

  • Enter the dimensions of your warehouse – Length and Width.
  • Input the Non-Storage Space in square feet ( You need to multiply length and width and then add).
  • Provide the Maximum Stack Height in feet.
  • Optionally, enter the Capacity Utilization percentage or use the slider to adjust.
  • Click the “Calculate” button to get the Total Warehouse Capacity.
  • To start a new calculation, click the “Reset” button.


Total Warehouse capacity in cubic feet  = Total warehouse volume in cubic feet * (capacity utilization/ 100)

Total warehouse volume in cubic feet = Usable warehouse storage space in  Sq. Ft * maximum stack height in Ft 

Usable warehouse storage space in Sq. Ft = Total warehouse space in Sq.Ft – Non-storage space in Sq. Ft

Total warehouse space in Sq. Ft = Length  X width

Non-storage space in Sq.Ft = length x width

What is the Warehouse Capacity Calculator?

The Warehouse Capacity Calculator is a tool designed to estimate the total storage capacity of a warehouse based on user-provided inputs.

Who Can Use This Calculator?

Anyone involved in warehouse management, logistics, or those planning storage spaces can use this calculator. It’s beneficial for warehouse operators, managers, and planners.

Which Industries Can Use Warehouse Capacity Calculator?

This calculator is applicable to a wide range of industries including manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, logistics, and distribution. Any industry that requires efficient warehouse space utilization can benefit.

Benefits of Using This Calculator

  • Efficient Space Planning: Helps in optimizing the utilization of warehouse space.
  • Resource Allocation: Aids in better resource allocation and storage management.
  • Cost Savings: Allows for effective planning, potentially reducing costs associated with unused or inefficiently used space.
  • Quick Estimation: Provides a quick estimate of warehouse capacity without the need for complex calculations.


What happens if I don’t enter the Capacity Utilization percentage?

The calculator assumes 100% capacity utilization by default, but you can adjust it for a more accurate estimate.

Can this calculator be used for irregularly shaped warehouses?

The calculator assumes a rectangular warehouse shape. For irregular shapes, results may be less accurate.

How often should I use this calculator?

It can be used whenever there are changes in warehouse layout or when planning for new inventory.