Buffer Stock Calculator Online

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Note: In this calculator, we have used Greasley’s Method.

Buffer Stock Calculator

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Quick Guide to Use This Calculator

  • Enter the Desired Service Level, Standard Deviation of Lead Time, and Average Demand in units.
  • Click the “Calculate” button to determine the Buffer Stock required.
  • Use the “Reset” button to clear the input fields and start over.


Buffer stock = Desired service level X Standard deviation of lead time X Average demand

  • Desired service level: It will be expressed in %
  • The standard deviation of lead time will be expressed in days  
  • Average demand will be expressed in units per day

Details about Inputs

  • Desired Service Level
    • The desired service level is the target level of customer satisfaction or order fulfillment a company aims to achieve. It is often expressed as a percentage and represents the probability that demand will be met without stockouts.
  • Standard Deviation of Lead Time
    • The standard deviation of lead time is a measure of the variability or dispersion in the time it takes for an order to be fulfilled, from placing the order to receiving it. A higher standard deviation indicates greater uncertainty in lead times.
  • Average Demand
    • Average demand is the mean or average quantity of a product or material demanded over a specific period. It provides a baseline for understanding the typical consumption or sales rate.

What is buffer stock?

Buffer stock is an additional quantity of inventory held to mitigate the risk of stockouts due to uncertainties in demand, lead time, and supply chain variability.

Who Can Use This Calculator?

Manufacturers, inventory managers, supply chain professionals, and businesses involved in production planning and inventory control can benefit from the Buffer Stock Calculator.

Industries That Can Use Buffer Stock Calculator

Manufacturing industries, retail, logistics, and any business dealing with inventory management can utilize this calculator for effective stock planning.

Benefits of Using This Calculator

  • Accurate buffer stock calculation to prevent stockouts.
  • Improved inventory management.
  • Enhanced production planning.
  • Minimized excess stock and holding costs.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with better order fulfillment.


How does Buffer Stock Calculator help in inventory management?

Buffer Stock acts as a safety net to handle uncertainties, preventing stockouts and ensuring a smooth flow of products.