Supply Chain and Inventory Calculators

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Helpful tools in the Supply Chain and Inventory Calculators section. Simplify logistics and manage inventory efficiently for improved business operations.

ABC Classification Calculator

ABC Classification Calculator provides annual consumption value and annual units sold percentages for each entered unit, streamlining inventory prioritization.

Available to Promise Calculator

This calculator determines the quantities that can be promised for delivery, enhancing order management and customer satisfaction.

Buffer Stock Calculator

This calculator determines optimal buffer stock levels based on the desired service level, standard deviation of lead time, and average demand, enhancing service reliability.

Capacity Planning Calculator

This calculator evaluates total and available capacity to determine production needs, key for resource optimization, and meeting demand.

Capacity Utilization Rate Calculator

This calculator reveals the utilization rate in percentage by comparing actual output to potential output, aiding in efficiency analysis.

Days of inventory calculator

This tool helps businesses determine how efficiently they manage inventory by calculating the number of days it takes to sell their average inventory.

Double Exponential Smoothing Forecast Calculator

This calculator enables precise future value predictions by incorporating both level and trend components from historical data, offering flexibility through adjustable smoothing factors for various industries’ strategic planning needs.

Exponential Smoothing Forecast Calculator

This tool facilitates forecasting for upcoming periods by utilizing initial levels, forecasts from previous periods, and a smoothing factor. Additionally, it calculates the weights assigned to each period for enhanced accuracy.

Fixed Order Quantity Calculator

This Calculator provides the total cost, assisting in effective inventory management and cost control.

Freight Class Calculator

The Freight Class Calculator simplifies the process of determining the appropriate freight class for your shipments, providing accurate volume, density, and classification based on industry standards.

Inventory Turnover Ratio Calculator

The Inventory Turnover Ratio Calculator calculates the turnover ratio using beginning and ending inventory and cost of goods sold, aiding in inventory efficiency assessment.

Inventory Value Calculator

This Calculator is designed for businesses to determine the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and remaining inventory value. It supports both FIFO (First-In, First-Out) and LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) inventory costing methods, along with multi-currency options.

Lead Time Demand calculator

This tool helps determine the total demand expected during the lead time period. Simply input the average demand per unit of time and the lead time to get lead time demand.

Net Requirements Calculator

This calculator provides the net requirement in units by accounting for gross requirements, scheduled receipts, and on-hand inventory, ensuring accurate supply planning.

Order Up to Level Calculator

This calculator determines the optimal order quantity in units to maintain desired inventory levels, factoring in safety stock, basic stock, lead time, and daily sales rate.

Order Picking Performance Calculator

This calculator measures picking efficiency in minutes per pick, factoring in all necessary times for picks, enhancing warehouse operation productivity.

Reorder Point Calculator

This calculator outputs safety stock and reorder points in units, optimizing inventory management and minimizing stockouts.

Safety Stock Calculator

This calculator determines the needed safety stock by considering maximum and average daily usage and lead time, ensuring inventory stability.

Safety Stock Calculator With Demand Uncertainty

This calculator with Demand Uncertainty calculates the required safety stock by assessing demand variability, ensuring preparedness for demand fluctuations.

Safety stock Calculator with Ave-max Formula

This calculator with the Ave-Max formula determines the required safety stock levels based on average and maximum demand, ensuring optimal inventory buffer.

Safety stock Calculator with Demand and Lead Time Uncertainty

This calculator accounts for service factors, average demand, and standard deviation in lead time, providing safety stock units to mitigate demand and lead time uncertainties.

Safety Ctock Calculator with Lead Time Uncertainty

This Safety Stock Calculator with Lead Time Uncertainty computes the necessary safety stock to account for variability in lead times, enhancing inventory reliability.

Single Exponential Smoothing Forecast Calculator

This calculator provides the forecast for the current period by considering the forecast and actual demand of the previous period with a smoothing factor. You can also find the forecast for the next period by considering the forecast and actual demand for the current period.

Simple Moving Average Forecast Calculator

This calculator estimates the next period’s forecast using the latest three periods of data for accurate short-term planning.

Stockout Calculator

This calculator yields the stockout cost, enabling you to determine the financial impact incurred due to stockouts. It calculates this cost by considering factors such as the duration of stockouts, average units sold per day, unit price, and consequence cost.

Storage Costs of Inventory

This calculator calculates storage costs based on cost per unit, number of units, and the time period, aiding in financial planning for inventory management.

Target Inventory Level

This calculator determines the ideal inventory level by considering average period demand, review period in days, average lead time, and safety stock, facilitating precise inventory management.

Triple Exponential Smoothing Forecast Calculator

This calculator utilizes the Holt-Winters method to predict future demand by considering historical data, trends, and seasonality. It offers accurate forecasts and estimations crucial for businesses across various industries.

Warehouse Storage Costs

This calculator evaluates overall storage expenses by considering criteria such as utility costs, material handling, personnel costs, and locality area, aiding in comprehensive cost management.

Warehouse Capacity Calculator

The Warehouse Capacity Calculator assesses total storage space, enabling efficient space management and optimization in warehouse operations.

Weighted Moving Average Forecast Calculator

Weighted Moving Average Forecast Calculator predicts next year’s trend using the latest 3 years of data for precise planning.