Available To Promise Calculator Online (ATP)

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Advanced ATP Calculator

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Guide to Use the Available To Promise Calculator

  • Step 1: Select the period for calculation — choose between ‘Week’ or ‘Month.’
  • Step 2: For the first period, enter your Beginning Inventory (BI), the Scheduled Receipts (SR), and the Customer Orders (CO).
  • Step 3: Click ‘Calculate ATP’ to see your Available to Promise inventory for the period 1.
  • Step 4: The results for Period 1 will automatically populate the BI for Period 2. Simply enter the new SR and CO for period 2.
  • Step 5: Repeat the same thing to calculate ATP for period 3 and period 4.

Formula used in ATP calculator


About the ATP Method

The Available to Promise (ATP) model is a cornerstone of inventory management and production planning. It’s designed to provide businesses with a clear view of what inventory is available to commit to new orders. This tool is especially beneficial for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers looking to optimize their supply chain operations.

Who Can Benefit?

The ATP calculator is perfect for:

  • Supply Chain Managers: To plan and promise delivery dates.
  • Sales Teams: To provide accurate information to customers.
  • Production Planners: To align manufacturing schedules with demand.

Where Is It Useful?

  • E-Commerce: Manage stock levels against customer orders.
  • Manufacturing: Align production with incoming supplies and outgoing orders.
  • Retail: Balance inventory across different stores and warehouses.

By understanding and utilizing the ATP calculator, businesses can improve customer satisfaction, reduce stockouts, and enhance operational efficiency.


Can ATP change over time?

Yes, ATP can change based on new orders, cancellations, returns, or if there are changes in production or supply chain delays.

How can I improve ATP?

Regularly updating inventory records, managing orders efficiently, and having good communication between departments involved in sales, production, and distribution can improve ATP accuracy.


Available To Promise Calculator is a tool that offers real-time insights to strengthen decision-making.

Seamlessly optimize resources, ensure timely order fulfillment, and elevate your business operations with this invaluable tool. Experience the synergy of precision and reliability for unparalleled success.