Order Picking Performance Calculator Online

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Order Picking Performance Calculator

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Guide to Use the Picking Performance Calculator

To calculate your warehouse’s picking performance, simply follow these steps:

  • Number of Picks: Enter the total number of items you need to pick for your orders.
  • Number of Orders: Input the total number of orders that are to be fulfilled.
  • Picking Time per Item: Specify the average time taken to pick each item, measured in minutes.
  • Basis Time per Order: Fill in the fixed time allocated for processing each order, such as handling and preparation time.
  • Total Walking Time: Add the total time spent walking within the warehouse to collect items for all orders.

After entering these details, click on the “Calculate” button to see your picking performance, which will display as the average minutes spent per pick. If you need to start over, the “Reset” button will clear all fields.


order picking performance calculator


  • Number of Picks (n_picks): The total number of individual items that need to be picked. This is a count of all items across all orders.
  • Number of Orders (n_orders): The total number of orders that need to be processed during a specific time frame.
  • Picking Time per Item (t_pick_per_item): The average time it takes to pick each item. This could be a standard value based on historical data or a value that varies depending on the item.
  • Basis Time per Order (t_basis_per_order): The fixed time that is spent on each order that is not dependent on the number of items in the order. This could include time for paperwork, order preparation, etc.
  • Walking Time (t_way): The total time spent walking to pick up the items. This can be complex to calculate as it often depends on the layout of the warehouse and can vary by order if items are far apart.

Understanding the Picking Performance Method

The Picking Performance Calculator is a straightforward tool designed to help warehouse managers and logistics professionals measure and optimize their order-picking process.

By considering key factors such as picking time and walking time, this calculator provides insights into the efficiency of your picking operations.

Who Can Benefit From This Calculator?

This calculator is an essential tool for:

  • Warehouse Managers: Streamline your picking process by identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  • Logistics Coordinators: Use the data to refine logistics strategies and improve throughput.
  • Supply Chain Analysts: Analyze performance metrics to support decision-making and enhance supply chain efficiency.
  • Operations Supervisors: Monitor daily operations and ensure targets are being met efficiently.

Where is this Tool Useful?

  • Inventory Management: Manage your stock more effectively by understanding how long it takes to move items.
  • Process Improvement: Apply the insights from the calculator to implement lean management techniques and reduce waste in your processes.
  • Training Purposes: Use the calculator’s results to set benchmarks and train staff to meet picking performance standards.

By providing clear and actionable data, the Picking Performance Calculator is an invaluable asset for improving the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment in warehouses and distribution centers across various industries.


Can the Order Picking Performance Calculator be customized for specific needs?

Yes, the calculator offers customization options to adapt to different industries, warehouse sizes, and specific requirements.

Is the Order Picking Performance Calculator user-friendly?

Absolutely, our calculator is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring easy navigation and intuitive data input.