Warehouse zone is a physically or logically segregated area within a warehouse defined by the type of material it contains (bulk or rack storage, hazardous material, etc.) or the division of equipment and personnel used to put away, move and pick.

This warehouse zone system allows you to store the items always in the same locations in the warehouse so that employees can know where the items are stored.

We know that depending on the type of products we have to allocate the zone in the warehouse because some products are required to be stored in the refrigerator, some products can be stored in racks, some products can be stored in bins.

Hence warehouse should have different types of zones

Different types of warehouse zone

Dry zone

In this zone products that are required to be kept away from moisture can be stored.

Refrigerated zone

In this zone products that required to be stored at low temperature can be kept such as food products, vaccines etc 

Flammable zone

Some manufacturing companies require chemicals for their manufacturing process. These chemicals should be stored safely in an approved storage cabinet.

Corrosive materials

In this zone, acids can be stored. This zone should be located separately where the corrosive materials like acids will not come in contact with other items.

Gas cylinder storage

Gas cylinders must be stored separately in the warehouse.

Oversize storage

Some products need more space. For that products this zone is useful.

Security cage

Valuable items such as brand name pharmaceuticals can be stored in this zone.

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