Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator Online

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Double Declining Balance Depreciation

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How to Use the Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator

  • Enter Details: Fill in the initial cost, salvage value, and useful life of the asset.
  • Select Currency: Choose the currency for accurate calculations.
  • Click Calculate: Hit the “Calculate” button to generate the depreciation schedule.
  • Review Results: Examine the table and bar graph to understand the depreciation over time.
  • Reset: To start over, simply click the “Reset” button.


Calculate depreciate rate

Depreciation Rate = 2/Useful life

Calculate depreciate amount

Depreciate amount = Book value * Depreciation Rate

Update book value

Book value = Book value – Depreciate amount

Method Explanation

The calculator uses the Double Declining Balance Depreciation method. It calculates depreciation by applying a fixed rate to the asset’s book value, gradually reducing it over its useful life until it reaches the salvage value.

Usability and Benefits

  • Small Business Owners: Easily calculate depreciation for assets like equipment, vehicles, or machinery.
  • Accountants and Financial Analysts: Streamline financial reporting and forecasting with accurate depreciation figures.
  • Educational Purposes: Students and learners can understand depreciation concepts practically.


How accurate are the depreciation calculations?

The calculator provides estimates based on the entered data. Actual depreciation may vary.

What if I don’t know the salvage value?

You can estimate or use a standard salvage value for your industry.


The Depreciation Calculator simplifies asset management by providing clear depreciation schedules. Whether you’re a business owner, accountant, or student, this tool offers valuable insights into asset depreciation, aiding financial decision-making and planning. Try it out now to optimize your asset management strategy!