Discount and Sales Tax Calculator Online

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Discount and Sales Tax Calculator

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How to Use the Calculator

Easily calculate the final price of your products after discounts and sales tax in just a few steps:

  • Select your currency from the dropdown menu to match your local or preferred currency.
  • Enter the List Price of the item before any discounts.
  • Input the Discount Rate (%) to see how much you can save.
  • Type in the Sales Tax Rate (%) applicable in your area.
  • Hit Calculate to see the discount amount, tax added, and your final price!


  • Calculate the discount amount
    • Discount amount = List price * Discount Rate / 100
  • Calculate the sale price after the discount
    • Sale Price After Discount = List Price – Discount Amount
  • Calculate the Tax Amount
    • Tax Amount = Sale Price After Discount * Sales Tax Rate / 100
  • Calculate the final price
  • Final price = Sale Price After Discount + Tax Amount

About the Method

This calculator employs straightforward mathematical formulas to subtract the discount from the list price and then add the sales tax to the discounted price, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying or charging customers.

Who Can Use This Calculator?

  • Retail Shoppers: Quickly figure out how much you’ll pay after promotions and taxes.
  • Business Owners: Adjust pricing strategies to find the sweet spot for competitive pricing and profitability.
  • Students and Educators: A practical tool for understanding basic financial calculations.
  • E-commerce Sites: Implement platforms to provide customers with transparent pricing.

Where It Is Useful

  • In-Store and Online Shopping: Ensuring you get the best deals.
  • Pricing Analysis: For businesses assessing product pricing strategies.
  • Educational Purposes: For teaching real-world math applications.
  • Financial Planning: To estimate expenses and set budgets accurately.


Does the calculator support multiple currencies?

Yes, it includes several currency options to provide accurate calculations worldwide.

Can I use this calculator for services, not just products?

Absolutely! The calculator works for any items or services sold at a list price with applicable discounts and sales tax.

How accurate is the sales tax calculation?

The calculation is based on the sales tax rate you enter, which should match your local tax rate for accuracy.


Our Discount and Sales Tax Calculator is designed to simplify the process of calculating the final price after discounts and taxes, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to make quick, informed decisions about their purchases or sales.

By understanding the final cost, you can better manage your finances, whether you’re shopping for the best deals, setting competitive prices for your business, or studying financial concepts.