Revenue Growth Rate Calculator Online

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Revenue Growth Calculator

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How to Use the Calculator

To calculate your company’s revenue growth rate:

  1. Select the currency of your financial data from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the Previous Period Revenue, which is the total revenue from the last cycle (e.g., last quarter or year).
  3. Enter the Current Period Revenue, the total revenue for the current cycle.
  4. Click Calculate to view the growth rate, which will be displayed both numerically and graphically.

This simple tool provides a quick way to assess your business’s financial performance over time.


Revenue growth rate= (Current period revenue – Previous period revenue) / Previous period revenue * 100

Understanding Revenue Growth Rate

Revenue growth rate is a key performance indicator that shows how much your company’s revenue has increased (or decreased) over time.

This metric is vital for investors, management, and stakeholders to evaluate the company’s sales trends and to make informed decisions.

Who Can Use This Calculator?

  • Business Owners: Understand the effectiveness of your strategies and make data-driven decisions.
  • Financial Analysts: Include the growth rate in reports for a comprehensive financial analysis.
  • Investors: Evaluate the potential for future growth before making investment decisions.
  • Startup Founders: Track the trajectory of your business’s growth and report it to your stakeholders.

Where It Is Useful?

  • Investor Meetings: Present your company’s growth in a clear, visual format.
  • Business Planning: Use past growth rates to forecast future revenue.
  • Performance Reviews: Discuss the company’s growth with team members.


What if my revenue has decreased?

The calculator can show negative growth rates, reflecting a decrease in revenue.

Can I use this calculator for different currencies?

Yes, select your currency from the drop-down menu for accurate results.

Is this tool suitable for non-profit organizations?

Yes, any entity that records revenue can use this tool to calculate growth.


Understanding your revenue growth rate is essential for assessing the health and trajectory of your business. With our calculator, you can easily compute this vital metric and visually analyze your financial progress over time.

Remember, a positive growth rate is typically a sign of a healthy business, while a negative rate might indicate the need for strategic adjustments.

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