Dupont Analysis Calculator Online

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Dupont Analysis Calculator

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How to Use the Dupont Analysis Calculator

  • To use this calculator, simply enter the required financial metrics: Sales, Net Income, Total Assets, and Total Equity in the specified currency.
  • After inputting these values, click the “Calculate” button to view the results.
  • The calculator will display the Net Profit Margin, Total Asset Turnover, Financial Leverage, and Return on Equity in percentage format, giving you a comprehensive view of a company’s financial health.


  • Net Profit Margin(NPM) = (net Income / sales) * 100;
  • Total Asset Turnover(TAT) = (sales / totalAssets) * 100;             
  • Financial Leverage (FL) = (total assets / total equity) * 100;           
  • Return on Equity ( ROE) = (NPM / 100) * (TAT / 100) * (FL / 100) * 100; 

About the Dupont Analysis Method

The Dupont Analysis method is a financial ratio based on three key components: Net Profit Margin (NPM), Total Asset Turnover (TAT), and Financial Leverage (FL).

It is designed to provide a detailed breakdown of the factors that drive a company’s Return on Equity (ROE), allowing investors and business owners to better understand components influencing profitability, asset efficiency, and financial leverage.

Who Can Use This Calculator?

This calculator is ideal for business owners, financial analysts, investors, and students who are studying corporate finance. It provides quick insights into how efficiently a company is operating and how effectively it can turn a profit from its assets.

Where Is This Calculator Useful?

The Dupont Analysis Calculator can be utilized in various scenarios, such as:

  • Financial Reporting: To enhance transparency and understanding of financial results.
  • Investment Analysis: For investors considering equity investments in different companies.
  • Educational Purposes: Helping students understand financial metrics and their implications.
  • Business Strategy Meetings: Assisting executives and managers in making informed financial decisions.


What is Net Profit Margin?

Net Profit Margin indicates how much of each dollar in revenues is converted into profits. It’s a good indicator of a company’s profitability.

Why is Total Asset Turnover important?

Total Asset Turnover measures the efficiency of a company’s use of its assets to generate sales. A higher ratio implies better performance.

What does Financial Leverage tell us?

Financial Leverage gives an idea of the level of debt used by a business to finance its assets. A higher leverage means more debt relative to equity.


The Dupont Analysis Calculator is a powerful tool that breaks down the complexities of Return on Equity into understandable components, making it easier to analyze and improve business performance.

By using this calculator, users can gain deeper insights into the financial dynamics of a company, aiding in more informed decision-making and strategic planning.