10 Best Data Center Monitoring Software of 2022 (Price & Features)

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Data Center Monitoring Software

Keeping your data center running smoothly is critical to the success of your business. But, it cannot be easy to know which monitoring software is right for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best data center monitoring software of 2022 to help you make an informed decision.

With this list, you’ll be able to find the perfect software for your data center, whether you’re looking for something simple or complex. So, if you’re ready to find the best data center monitoring software for your business, read on.

What is Data Center Monitoring Software?

Data center monitoring software is a type of software that helps organizations to monitor and manage their data centers. It allows organizations to keep track of the performance of their data centers, identify issues early, and take corrective action quickly.

Here is the list of the best data center monitoring software.

1. SolarWinds

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is a comprehensive tool that helps network administrators to identify and diagnose network performance issues and keep track of the performance of your data center.

Overview of SolarWinds


  • Multi-vendor network monitoring – SolarWinds NPM provides out-of-the-box support for more than 200 network vendors, making monitoring your multi-vendor data center easy.
  • Network insights for deeper visibility – SolarWinds NPM provides users with in-depth network insights, allowing them to see what is happening on their network and identify potential issues before they become problems.
  • Intelligent maps – SolarWinds NPM provides users with intelligent maps that automatically update to reflect changes in the network, making it easy to see how the network is performing at a glance.
  • NetPath and PerfStack for easy troubleshooting – SolarWinds NPM provides users with NetPath and PerfStack, two powerful tools that simplify troubleshooting data center performance issues.
  • Smarter scalability – SolarWinds NPM is designed to scale easily so that it can grow with your data center.
  • Advanced alerting – SolarWinds NPM provides users with advanced alerting capabilities, so you can be notified of potential problems as they happen.


  • It starts at $1638
  • A 30-day free trial is available
  • Provides subscription and perpetual pricing options

Our opinion

SolarWinds NPM and other SolarWinds network management tools provide many features to help you monitor your data center and keep it running smoothly. It’s easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs.

2. Datadog

Datadog is one of the most popular data center monitoring software. It offers a wide range of features and can be easily customized to meet your needs. In addition, it identifies issues in your deployment system.

Overview of Datadog


  • Real-time interactive dashboards – Datadog’s dashboards are highly interactive and allow you to drill down into any aspect of your data center. In addition, it provides real-time graphs and metrics.
  • Visibility into modern applications – It gives you visibility into the performance of your applications.
  • Analyzing and exploring log data – It helps you to analyze and explore log data of all applications and platforms. In addition, it provides visualization and alerts on log data.
  • Proactively monitors user experience – Provides alerts to end-user on performance issues in all locations.
  • Correlate front-end performance with business impact – This helps you correlate your website’s or application’s front-end performance with business impact.
  • Visualization of traffic flow – Helps you visualize the traffic volume.
  • Alerts on critical issues – It provides alerts on critical issues through email, PagerDuty, Slack, and other channels.


  • It provides a free trial.
  • It provides different pricing for different modules. To get accurate detail, you need to contact the vendor.
  • Offers three basic plans.
    • Free – It is entirely free
    • Pro – Starts at $15 per host per month
    • Enterprise – Starts at $23 per host per month
Datadog pricing

Our opinion

Datadog is a software provider on cloud and SaaS platforms. It provides graphs and alerts on error rates. With its easy-to-use interface, it provides a good user experience.

3. PRTG network monitor

PRTG network monitor is a great tool for keeping an eye on your network. It’s easy to use and has many features that make it a powerful tool for monitoring your network traffic and bandwidth usage.

Overview of  PRTG


  • Monitors the entire infrastructure like bandwidth, servers, virtual environments, websites
  • No need to have additional plugins
  • Provides data monitoring software for businesses of all sizes
  • Automatic alerts and notifications
  • Easy-to-use dashboards with maps and real-time information
  • Multiple user interfaces
  • Distributed monitoring
  • Detailed reports


It offers perpetual licensing and up to 100 sensors; it is free. It also offers a 30-day free trial.

It provides five types of pricing plans.

  • PRTG 500 ( for small environments) – Starts @ $1799 per server license
  • PRTG 1000 ( for small and medium environments) – Starts @ $3399 per server license
  • PRTG 2500 ( for medium-sized environments) – Starts @ $6899 per server license
  • PRTG 5000( for large environments) – Starts @ $11,999per server license
  • PRTG XL1( for very large environments) – Starts @ $15999 per server license
PRTG network monitor pricing

Other details

Latest version22.2.77.2204( June 2, 2022)
DeploymentCloud-based, windows

Our opinion

PRTG network monitoring software enhances profitability by avoiding undetected system failures. In addition, it reduces costs and vanishes server performance problems. Overall the system is very helpful to the user.

4. ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is a comprehensive and affordable network and system management software offering extensive data center monitoring capabilities.

Inventory Summary of ManageEngine OpManager


  • Network performance, system health, router, switch, and server monitoring
  • Network mapping
  • Alerts and notifications on network issues through email and SMS
  • Troubleshoot and automatic workflow
  • Identification of network issues with root cause analysis
  • Network performance reports
  • Data center infrastructure management
  • Network configuration management
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Firewall log management
  • Application performance management


It provides three types of editions.

  • Standard edition – Starts at $245 for ten devices
  • Professional edition – Starts at $ 345 for ten devices
  • Enterprise edition – Starts at $11545 for 250 devices

You can request a price quote.

ManageEngine OpManager Pricing

Our opinion

Overall, ManageEngine OpManager is a great data center monitoring software. Its various features make it an effective tool for monitoring your data center and very easy to use. Hence it is a great choice for both experienced users and beginners alike.

5. Nlyte software

Nlyte Software is one of the leading data center infrastructure monitoring software in the market. It helps organizations to manage and optimize their data centers more efficiently.

Operational dashboard of Nlyte


  • Monitors the power consumption and performance of hardware
  • Monitors capacity of hardware and determines performance issues
  • It allows you to visualize data and gives alerts if anything crosses the border
  • Monitors temperature, humidity, and airflow in real-time with environment monitoring
  • Workflow automation
  • Asset and change management
  • Audit and reporting
  • Dashboard visualization in real-time
Dashboard of power capacity Nlyte

It provides data center monitoring software for different industries, including federal agencies, Healthcare, Financial Services, High tech, colocation solutions, telecom, consumer, and utilities.


For pricing information, contact the vendor.

Our opinion

Nlyte Software provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the data center environment, and its easy-to-use interface makes it quick and simple to get up and run. Additionally, Nlyte’s reporting features are second to none, providing valuable information about the data center environment. We believe that Nlyte is an excellent choice for data center monitoring.

6. Uila

Uila is an app-centric infrastructure monitoring and analytics software solution. It provides advanced capabilities to monitor the performance of applications.

Overview of dependency mapping of Uila


  • Application performance monitoring capabilities provide deep visibility into the performance of key applications and services to identify issues.
  • Infrastructure performance monitoring capabilities provide detailed visibility into the health and performance of physical and virtual infrastructure components.
  • Traffic flows provide visibility on traffic from end-user to infrastructure and identify irregularities.
  • Application dependency mapping provides an intuitive topology map for multi-tier application insights.
  • Network device monitoring monitors the network port performance.
  • Network flow analysis discloses the network issues and stress impacting application servers.
  • Various reports for different business functions.
  • Reduced time for troubleshooting.
  • Cloud migration solution.


Pricing details are not provided by the vendor, and you need to contact the vendor directly.

It offers a free trial.

It provides the software for the following industries

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • MSP
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Telecom service provider

Our opinion

Uila is a top-tier data center monitoring software that provides valuable insights into the performance of your data center. It provides a user-friendly interface and is easy to use, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Uila data center monitoring software is also highly scalable so that it can grow with your business.

7. Nagios XI

Nagios XI is a top data center monitoring software that monitors enterprise servers and networks.

Configuration service status of NagiosXI


  • Powerful monitoring engine to provide efficient and scalable monitoring
  • Customizable dashboard with advanced graphs and an overview of hosts, servers, and network devices
  • Capacity planning helps to upgrade organization planning
  • Infrastructure management provides Host Import, Autodiscovery, Auto Decommissioning, Mass Acknowledgment, and more
  • Monitor the information with the help of the configuration wizard
  • Advanced user management helps to set up and monitor user accounts easily
  • Saving of recent configuration with configuration snapshot


It offers two editions.

Standard edition – starts at $1995

Enterprise edition – starts at $3495

Nagios XI Pricing


  • It offers comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring.
  • Its powerful dashboard provides a central view of the IT operations network and business process and allows users to view all the information in one place.
  • An integrated web-based configuration interface allows admins to manage monitoring processes easily.
  • The configuration wizard feature helps users monitor new devices, services, and applications easily.
  • Multi-tenant capabilities allow team members to view relevant infrastructure status.
  • Allows you to do integration with in-house and third-party applications.

Our opinion

Nagios XI is one of the market’s best data center monitoring software options. It is extremely reliable and can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. 

8. Sunbird

Sunbird is a comprehensive DCIM software that helps data center and IT managers to manage and optimize their physical infrastructure.

Visualization of Sunbird


  • Real-time view of the whole data center, including servers, storage, networking equipment, rack PDUs, patch panels, and applications.
  • Centralized database with all connections and capacity information.
  • Good workflow automation to create change requests and automate device moves.
  • Comprehensive environment management solution.
  • 3D visualization of Datacenter.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Business intelligence and analytics.
  • 3D visualization of connectivity.
Inventory details of Sunbird


It offers three types of plans.

  • Power IQ DCIM – Starts at $4.99/node/month or $59.88/node/annual
  • dcTrack DCIM operations – Starts at $14.99/ cabinet/month or $179.88/cabinet/annual
  • DCIM suite bundle- Starts at $22.47/cabinet/month or $269.64/cabinet/annual
Pricing of Sunbird

Our opinion

Sunbird DCIM is a software system that provides full capabilities to monitor the data center. It provides 3D views of the data center floor. It helps you to maintain the environment of your data center. So we recommend this software.

9. Device42

Device24 is one of the most popular software for discovery, asset management, and dependency mapping for data centers and the cloud.

Device hardware model of Divice42


  • Infrastructure and LaaS discovery – Complete insight of IT infrastructure, automatic discovery of IT assets, including physical, virtual, and cloud
  • Room layouts – Allows mapping buildings, rooms, and individual racks with drag-and-drop editors.
  • Rack diagrams – Creation of accurate rack diagrams quickly and easily
  • Patch panels and CMBD – Provides IT patch panel connection visualization and the single source of truth within the organization
  • Hardware inventory management – Updates devices automatically
  • Integrations – Device24 integrates with various tools, including ITSM tools like Jira, ServiceNow,&Freshservice, and configuration tools like Ansible, Puppet, Saltstack, and Chef
Overview of Device42

It also provides additional features like IP address management, password management, IT ASSET management, and power monitoring.


It offers a free trial.

Its basic pricing depends on the number of devices.

To get pricing details, you need to contact the vendor.

Pricing details of Device42

Our opinion

Device42 has many features that make it an ideal choice for data center monitoring. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which makes it convenient for users. Device42 data center monitoring software also can monitor many devices simultaneously, which is essential for data center monitoring.


ZABBIX is free, open-source monitoring software. You can monitor the network, server, application, service, and cloud with the help of this tool.

Overview of Zabbix


  • Collection metrics from all sources
  • Instant problem identification
  • Alerts on critical issues
  • Powerful data visualization
  • Dashboard with flexible widget creation
  • Root cause analysis and problem tracking
  • Integration with other systems
  • On-premise and cloud deployment
Report details of Zabbix


It is free and open source.

Other details

DeploymentOn-premise and cloud
Latest releaseZABBIX6.2 (Date: July 5, 2022)
Supported industriesBanking & finance, energy & chemicals, healthcare&medicine, IT&telecommunication, Retail, education, aerospace, marketing, and government

Our opinion

Zabbix is an entirely free, open-source data center monitoring software with no hidden costs. It monitors everything, including the network, server, applications, etc. It also helps to detect problems instantly.


Data centers are a crucial part of the internet and must be monitored closely to ensure they run smoothly.

In this article, we have listed 10 of the best data center monitoring software programs currently available. We hope you find this information helpful as you search for the right program for your needs.