Best Paying Jobs in Oil and Gas Production (Top 10 Professionals)

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Best Paying Jobs in Oil and Gas Production

The oil and gas industry is an ever-evolving field that requires a steady influx of personnel to maintain its growth. As demand for services increases, so does the need for talented individuals with specialized skills – providing ample opportunity to work in this dynamic space.

The oil and gas industry is one of the most lucrative sectors in the world. As a result, many best paying jobs in oil and gas production are available for those looking to make a career in this field.

From engineering positions to oil field service professionals and more, individuals have many opportunities to make excellent salaries in oil and gas production. 

This article will explore the ten best paying jobs in the oil and gas production industry with average pay, required qualifications, job benefits, and risks.

Countries that provide job opportunities in oil and gas production

Some countries offer the best paying jobs in oil and gas production, which are listed below.

Countries That Provide Job Opportunities in Oil and Gas Production
  • USA: ExxonMobil, Chevron Corporation, Marathon Petroleum, Valero Energy Corporation, Phillips 66 
  • China: Sinopec, Petrochina
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Aramco
  • UK and Netherlands: Shell, BP
  • France: TotalEnargies
  • Russia: PJSC Lukoil, GazProm
  • Norway: Equinor ASA
  • Kuwait: Kuwait Petroleum Corp
  • Canada: Offers many job opportunities in OIL rig

10 Best paying jobs in Oil and gas production industry

Position US SalaryQualification
Chemical engineerAverage $167120 a yearBachelor’s degree in chemical engineering
Reservoir engineerAverage $137156 a yearPetroleum engineering
Petroleum engineerAverage $130850 a yearBachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering
Petroleum geologistAverage $112114 a yearPh.D. in petroleum, and a degree in physics
Production engineersAverage $110,880 a yearBachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering
Mechanical engineerAverage $99576 a yearMechanical engineering, AWS grades, CSWIP certification
Drilling consultantAverage $90144 a yearBachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, drilling, geology
Project managerAverage $78132 a yearPetroleum engineering
Environmental managerAverage $73530 a yearBachelor’s degree in environmental or engineering
Gas plant operatorAverage $52844 a yearBachelor’s & Master’s  Degree

1. Chemical engineer

Chemical engineers are the masterminds behind transforming crude oil into useful products like gasoline and kerosene.

From daily laboratory assessments to ensuring maximum efficiency while preserving safety regulations – they stay abreast of the latest advances in their field to ensure successful refining operations. This is one of the highest paid oil field jobs.

US SalaryAverage $167120 a year
QualificationBachelor’s degree in chemical engineering


Lucrative package, Time off with pay, Health insurance, and retirement time contribution.


Around 2,000 job opportunities every year; other jobs are energy manager, analytical chemist, mining engineer, manufacturing engineer, etc.


Possibility of risk from chemical, biological and physical hazards

2. Reservoir engineer

Reservoir Engineers explore the depths of geology and fluid mechanics to discover hidden treasures in underground petroleum reservoirs.

Then, with their specialized education, they assess potential reserves so companies can tap into these natural resources for our use. This is a branch of petroleum engineering. Those looking for the best-paying jobs in oil and gas production can think about it.

US SalaryAverage $137156 a year
QualificationPetroleum engineering


Good growth in oil and gas, construction, and production fields.


Well-paid salary, Health benefits, other contributions, diverse collaboration, travel, etc


Work pressure of production forecasting, testing, drilling, workover planning, financial reporting to SEC, etc.

3. Petroleum engineer

Petroleum engineers are at the forefront of exploration efforts and problem-solving in the oil and gas industry. With a lucrative salary, they face interesting challenges with each new project that requires creative solutions, turning problems into possibilities within tight deadlines.

US SalaryAverage $130850 a year
QualificationBachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering and Engineers need to take the license.


Around 2100 demand for this job every year.


Lucrative salary, Travel experience, Reputation, and Insurance facility.


Risk of working Offshore oil rigs, risk of health working in a dangerous environment,

4. Petroleum geologist

Petroleum geologists are integral to the oil and gas industry, working closely with cutting-edge technology to discover precious new energy sources.

By carefully examining data gathered from deep beneath the earth’s surface, these specialists can accurately calculate potential extraction amounts – supplying us with a valuable resource for years to come. A petroleum geologist job is one of the highest-paid oil field jobs.

US SalaryA Ph.D. in petroleum is preferable, and a degree in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, or mathematics.
Qualification Ph.D. in petroleum is preferable, and a degree in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, or mathematics.


An average of 2400 openings are projected every year, and projected growth of  5% from 2021 to 2031; you can get other job options like environment protection specialist, Hydrographic surveyor, sustainability engineer, etc.


They can explore scientific and technical skills, prediction, and get all job facilities.


Need high stamina to work in a difficult environment and carry required equipment.

5. Production engineers

Production engineers are the brains behind petroleum engineering. Equipped with specialized degrees and expertise in good equipment, they expertly guide wells along their journey from drilling to the production stage.

Continually monitoring efficiency levels throughout the process, these skilled professionals ensure that each project is commercially viable for maximum success.

US SalaryAverage $110,880 a year
QualificationBachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering (or a related field like Mechanical, Civil, and Chemical engineering)


Great opportunity in oil and gas, refining, pipeline construction, and maintenance.


High pay salary, Travel experience, Strong job prospects, Generous paid time off, Matching retirement plan contribution, and Insurance for health and disability.


Health hazards, Irregular vacations, the Possibility of long working hours, Worry or mental stress, etc

6. Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineers keep the engines of vital oil and gas operations humming efficiently. Skilled professionals devise, create, and maintain sophisticated equipment to guarantee enterprises operate securely, reliably, sustainably, and with the highest quality.

US SalaryAverage $99576 a year
QualificationMechanical engineering, NACE coating inspection certification, QA/QC certification, NDT certification, AWS grades, CSWIP certification


Can move to administrative or management level, better career opportunity in renewable energy and sustainable technologies in the future.


Well-paid salary, adopting and staying up-to-date with new technologies, Opportunities for strategic thinking, insurance, pension benefits, and many other contribution benefits.


Responsible for ensuring compliance with HSE standards and working closely with machines.

7. Drilling consultant

Drilling consultants provide invaluable expertise to ensure safe operations. Their deep analysis of seismic surveys and core sample data can help identify locations with promising reserves that give companies a leg up when it comes to successful drilling endeavors.

These specialists are instrumental in developing safety protocols during this process and offer technical guidance every step of the way essential for harvesting those hidden pools beneath our feet.

US SalaryAverage $90144 a year
QualificationBachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, drilling, geology, and geophysics.


Job growth to Drilling supervisor, Drilling superintendent, and constant job opportunities.


Lucrative salary, Overseas travel, Opportunities for analytical skills, and other job benefits.


Onsite supervision is required risk of working critical locations, reaching target depth, and managing cost.

8. Project manager

Oil project managers are at the helm of managing an incredibly complex and important process. From defining objectives to allocating resources, they create plans that must stay within time and budgetary constraints while adhering to government regulations.

Collaborating with engineers, technicians, and other industry professionals, this specialized personnel ensures a successful operation from start to finish.

US SalaryAverage $78132 a year
QualificationPetroleum engineering


20% growth is expected in 2027, and the opportunity to be promoted to the COO position


Well-paid salary, Compensation for the carrier, TRS staffing, other job benefits, Travel experiences, Insurance coverage, etc


Coordinating with oil and gas departments, responsible for employee injury and accidents, violence in the workplace, managing the cost, etc

9. Environmental manager

Environmental managers play a critical role in keeping our planet safe from the potential harm of oil and gas extraction.

They investigate how these activities affect ecosystems, figure out ways to reduce damage, make certain operations adhere to safety standards by inspecting pipelines for any signs of problems or leaks, and identify risks before they become an issue so solutions can be put into place quickly.

US SalaryAverage $73530 a year
QualificationBachelor’s degree in environmental or engineering, Certified Environmental manager
(CEM) course, or a diploma in environmental studies.


Environmental engineers have high demand in the future in the field of Government subsidiaries, transportation, remediation, agriculture services, etc.


Good package, Overseas working opportunities, Acquire information about the laws and regulations in various countries. and all other job benefits.


The risk of the fulfillment of the production industry and government rules needs deep thinking strategy, in-depth research, and submission of related reports within the given time.

10. Gas plant operator

Gas plant operators are responsible for making sure that gas plants work well and are safe. They use gauges to measure things and adjust valves when needed. They also check oil and gas pipes to find any issues that could cause problems.

US SalaryAverage $52844 a year
QualificationBachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or GED, Math, and analytical skill are preferable.


Average growth is 2.53% per year but is expected to go down by 2029.


Good salary package, Time off pay, and other job facilities


Need to handle the equipment and pressure of getting word done by workers.

The table below shows the average salary of oil and gas professionals as per the Global report GETI 2019. This data is pre-pandemic data.

Annual Salary of Oil and Gas Professionals as per 2019
Annual Salary of Oil and Gas Professionals as per 2019

The infographic below shows the same data in the pie chart.

Infographics of world Wide  Annual Salary for oil & gas professionals as per 2019

Tips to get the highest-paying jobs in oil and gas production

If you’re looking to find the highest-paying jobs in the oil and gas production industry, you’ll need a strategic approach. The sector can be profitable, but competition can be more. Here are some steps to help you stand out and secure those top-paying positions

Get to Know the Field

Start by getting a good grip on the oil and gas world. Learn about the different sectors and job opportunities in the industry, from drilling to refining. Knowing what’s out there is the first step to finding the best-paying jobs.

Boost Your Credentials

You’ll need the right qualifications and certifications to make yourself a top candidate. Consider getting a degree or training in fields like petroleum engineering or safety. These credentials can set you apart.

Select the proper location

Where you work can make a big difference in your pay. Research areas where the oil and gas industry is booming, and consider moving there if you’re flexible. High-demand regions often offer better-paying positions.

Trim Up Your Resume

Your resume is your ticket to the job interview. Make sure it shines by highlighting your relevant skills and experiences. Tailor it to the job you want, and use industry-related keywords to grab employers’ attention.

Check Job Websites

The internet is your friend when hunting for top-paying jobs. Search on job websites, company pages, and industry-specific platforms. Setting up job alerts can help you stay in the loop about the latest opportunities.

Seek Guidance

Don’t hesitate to seek help from pros in the field. Industry experts, career counselors, and networking connections can provide you with valuable insights and tips to navigate your job search effectively.


Is migrating into the world of oil and gas production a sound financial decision?

Yes, it is. It’s a career avenue that holds the promise of significant financial gains. This industry has a well-earned reputation for providing robust income potential, spanning a spectrum of roles from drilling operations to leadership positions. Its richness extends beyond monetary benefits, offering a spectrum of career prospects and a passport to international work opportunities.

Moreover, the perpetual evolution of technology ensures a constant demand for adept professionals. The element of job stability is another highlight, stemming from the unceasing global demand for energy resources.


The oil and gas production industry is an excellent option for individuals looking to make a high salary in an impressive field. They have a good opportunity to get highest highest-paid oil field jobs.

From engineering roles to oilfield service positions and more, there are a variety of jobs in this sector that offer competitive wages and excellent benefits. With quality education, experience, and dedication, individuals can succeed with the best-paying jobs in oil and gas production.

We hope this blog post successfully provided you with complete knowledge of the ten best-paying jobs in oil and gas production, its opportunities with their salary benefit, and required qualifications.