Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Calculator Online

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Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

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Guide to Use Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Calculator

  • Select the desired currency from the “Select Currency” dropdown.
  • Choose the period for calculations, either “Monthly” or “Yearly,” using the “Select Period” dropdown.
  • Input the average revenue per customer, average costs associated with purchases, and any customer service costs (it is optional).
  • Enter the customer retention period.
  • Provide the average cost of customer acquisition.
  • Click the “Calculate” button to see the Customer Lifetime Value result.
  • Use the “Reset” button to clear all fields and start afresh.


(Average profit contribution per customer X number of years/months that they remain a customer) – the average cost of customer acquisition

Where,  Average profit contribution per customer = Average revenue per customer – average costs associated with the customer’s purchases – Average customer service costs.

What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) stands as a metric, that forecasts the net profit anticipated by a business over the entirety of its relationship with a customer.

This forward-looking measure doesn’t merely focus on immediate revenue but incorporates the costs linked to sustaining and servicing that customer across an extended duration.

The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Calculator is primarily designed to assess the long-term value of a customer relationship. While the calculator is optimized for long-term analysis, you can still use it for short-term assessments.

Keep in mind that some of the inputs, such as the “customer retention period,” can be adjusted to represent a shorter time frame, such as a month or a quarter. However, the results may be more accurate and insightful when used for a more extended period.

Note: For short-term assessments, consider adapting the inputs to match the specific timeframe you are interested in and use the calculator to gain insights into the potential value and costs associated with your customer relationships during that period. It can still provide valuable information, but its true power lies in evaluating the cumulative impact over an extended customer lifecycle.

Who Can Use This Calculator?

Businesses, marketers, and analysts aim to assess the long-term value of a customer.

Which Industries Can Use This Calculator?

Retail, e-commerce, subscription services, online platforms, and any industry with customer-centric strategies.

Benefits of Using This Calculator

  • Gain insights into the financial impact of customer relationships.
  • Optimize marketing and acquisition strategies.
  • Make informed decisions on customer retention efforts.
  • Enhance overall business profitability.


Can I skip entering customer service costs?

Yes, it’s optional. If not applicable, leave it as 0.

Why is CLV important?

CLV helps businesses allocate resources effectively and understand the long-term value of acquiring and retaining customers.


The Customer Lifetime Value Calculator is a tool that helps industries evaluate the long-term financial impact of their customer relationships.

By considering various financial factors, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize their strategies and enhance overall profitability.