Bitdefender vs Norton (Comparison of Features, Pricing)

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Bitdefender vs Norton

When it comes to online security, two of the biggest players are Bitdefender vs Norton. But if you’re trying to decide between these two options for your computer and data protection needs, how do you know which is best?

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a close look at Bitdefender vs Norton and analyzing their features side by side to determine which provides the most comprehensive protection and value for money.

Learn more about what sets these two leading antivirus solutions apart.

Work of Bitdefender and Norton

Bitdefender and Norton are two of the leading computer security solutions available today.

Bitdefender is known for its robust protection against viruses and other online threats, user-friendly interface, and intuitive web-based dashboard.

Conversely, Norton is renowned for its advanced malware protection, secure browser extensions, and dynamic threat intelligence system. 

Both solutions provide strong layers of protection to keep your devices safe from malicious attacks.

With their real-time scanning capabilities, powerful anti-malware technology, and 24/7 customer support teams, Bitdefender and Norton are great options for businesses looking to protect their data from cyber threats.

Webpage of Bitdefender
Webpage of Norton

Bitdefender vs Norton

Here below, we will take up the comparison of these two software in different stages. This comparison helps you get a clear picture of two software and decide for yourself which one is best for you.

Virus scannerIt takes comparatively more time to detect. It provides many scanning options. Customization can do to search for specific threats.It takes less time to scan or detect the malware. In addition, it provides many customization options.
Malware detectionIt uses behavioral detection to recognize threats. It helps to identify the threats before adding them to the database.It uses methods like threat signature against the file and examines the behavior of software to find out if they might do something bad before someone else knows.
System performanceIt has a low impact on your computerIt does not affect your computer.
Virtual private network(VPN)Bitdefender VPN is faster without any lag. In addition, it offers more server locations than Norton.Nortons secure VPN gives you lots of data and doesn’t cost anything. Unlimited for online browsing, shopping, and banking. Ex Netflix, HBO max, Amazon prime video, etc
FirewallBitdefender firewall is very powerful and customizable. Its supported plan offers you to configure the firewall for home, office, and public. In addition, stealth mode allows you to remain anonymous on any network, ensuring maximum online anonymity.Norton offers more customizable options and protects you from threats. For example, it provides ARP and DNS spoofing protection, content tampering and port access protection, and many more.
Tools optimizationOptimization tools come in Bitdefender’s paid plan. “One click optimizer has three tools, Disk clean up, Registry clean up, and privacy cleanup. It can easily remove junk files. In addition, it offers other optimization features like Python and Battery mode.
It offers four optimization tools, disk optimizer, file cleanup, startup manager, and graph.
Gaming or silent modeGaming mode is more configurable; you can customize any game or app in your way. However, it has a slightly higher impact on the system.Norton’s silent mode helps pay without interruptions by stopping all notifications. In addition, it doesn’t impact the computer’s performance.

Some screenshots of Bitdefender and Norton features

Add the company of Bitdefender.
Add the company of Bitdefender
Reports of Bitdefender
Reports of Bitdefender
Quarantine of Bitdefender
Quarantine of Bitdefender
Network of Bitdefender
Network of Bitdefender
Computer Protection Status of Bitdefender
Computer Protection status of Bitdefender
Alerts Dashboard of Bitdefender
Alerts Dashboard of Bitdefender
Activity Summary of Norton
Activity Summary of Norton
Alerts of Norton
Alerts page of Norton



  • Business security premium plus add-ones: $955.47
  • Business security premium:$570.49
  • Business security: $258.99
Price of Bitdefender
Pricing view of Bitdefender


  • Plus: $19.99 per annum( For first year)
  • Standard: $39.99 per annum( For first year)
  • Deluxe: $49.99 per annum( For first year)
  • Select: $99.99 per annum( For first year)
Pricing of Norton
Pricing of Norton

Common Features

Below are some of the common features of Bitdefender and Norton.

  • Password storage: Both Bitdefender and Norton have unlimited password storage. Norton has an auto-change password feature.
  • Parental control app: Parental control is free in all subscription plans Norton, and also you can get it from the Norton family app. It is more effective on Android and iOS. Bitdefender parental control app offers to create a child profile. Only one link to one child.
  • Norton has a Safe cam, identity lock, and Dark web monitoring feature.
  • Bitdefender is easy to install, Easy to run, and easy to check


Overall, we have seen that Norton and Bitdefender are excellent antivirus software regarding security, malware protection, and value for money.

While both software is feature-rich, Norton has a more comprehensive range of features, while Bitdefender offers a simpler interface at a lower price point. 

We hope this blog post has given you some good insights into the pros and cons of each product. So whether you go with Norton or Bitdefender, do your research and stay safe online.