Plenty of people keep asking these questions: is dropshipping still relevant? Will it still work in the future?

As more and more people are getting accustomed to this new business technique, more questions are coming up. The most common is why are drop ship businesses working?

To all these questions and others, I would like to announce that drop shipping is here to stay; and will continue to do so for a long time.

More changes and improvements are to come in the future, with automation being the most likely future. Ideas like Multidrop and cloud-based control are being introduced to the basic concept of drop shipping.

 Dropshipping Trends

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business protocol where you don’t own an inventory or warehouse; you haven’t ordered any of the items you have listed up for sale.

Instead, you know many suppliers who do have a warehouse and can supply the listed items to any location.

The cost of storage is saved, and since you are just listing up details from various suppliers, you can sell hundreds of more things that you could sell previously.

This new technique is spreading, and more retailers are adapting to this method and starting their dropshipping businesses every day.

Dropshipping market size

Why does it click?

Most people nowadays, especially the millennials, will adapt to any new shopping trend. But the masses are up for drop shipping and are adapting their needs and changing their preferences towards it.

Small sellers are selling their products behind the name of a familiar dropship brand that customers relate to.

It’s a win-win situation for all. Manufacturers and sellers will always need a retailer to brand their products, a big name with an impact on a broad audience.

No unnecessary costs on marketing, creating a brand, creating a niche for your products. There will always be a long line of orders, with only the production and shipping costs to worry about.

On the other hand, the retailer just lists items on the online store that he thinks are fit to be sold under the brand.

There are no inventory costs, no stocking items from time to time, no overhead losses, or selling excess items on discount, no shipping issues.

In short, no control whatsoever after the order has been placed. But good brands would always keep track of items being sold under their name because the customer does not know the supplier; they only connect to the retailer.

Hence, the retailer must take full responsibility in case of faulty items delivered or a delay in shipping.

As we all know, any business’s main motto must be ‘catering to the masses. This is just a form of marketing that is catering to the customer’s needs. It is doing more than that.

It creates trends, makes the buyer believe that this is what modern shopping is like, and these are the items that he needs for comfortable living.

Dropshipping is a technique that has clicked with the masses and will continue doing so for a long time to come.

Various dropshipping trends for 2021 are making their way to the headlines right now. Read on to know more.

How to adapt the dropshipping trends in 2021

To be frank, the future of drop shipping looks very bright. With new trends popping up every day, more and more people being aware looks like the system can never go wrong.

Besides everything else, even food is being drop shipped now.

The only reason why startups like Zomato and Swiggy are making as much noise as possible is that customer preferences are changing. People nowadays have become more experimental towards everything.

They want to try out new things, new places, and new brands. The idea of business would be just to get a hold of what the average earner needs and ultimately to cater to their demands.

It’s essential to fit in, change with the changing scenario, and adapt to new tools and new techniques.

Take your time to select your niche. It can be clothes, fashion items, books, food, or home décor stuff, jewelry.

Once your audience knows you for what you sell, you can improvise or even expand. Hence, finding the best niches for dropshipping in 2021 is as essential as it sounds.

It is crucial to make your mark; select your audience well. Buyers must get clarity about what you sell, precisely what you are suitable for. If you sell a lot of stuff at once, then people might get confused.

A lot of people are selling a lot of things. They must be given a reason to put their trust in you.

Always listen to what your customers are talking about. Improvising based on public demands is the most intelligent thing to do.

You must sell items that many people need or will eventually need during the coming times.

Adapt to new technology. Automation is the foremost trend to take over the dropshipping business in the coming years altogether. You must be prepared to flow with the situation. Hence, it must be acknowledged.

You need loyal customers, not right now, but over the years. Plan to sell such items that people are passionate about.

Suppose they identify your name with something they adore, some hobby that they want to pursue, something that makes their lives better. In that case, these customers will stay with you even when you invade a new niche.

Build trust with the right quality products, timely delivery, and secure customer grievance retrieval. Your customers must have faith in your judgment.

For this, you can get other people (indirect competitors who are the right influencers) to vouch for you or try to get more reviews from customers.

Slowly move on to creating your brand name that stands high and attracts more people. It is necessary to build your product line once you have made a personal space with the market’s proper name.

New dropshipping trends to look out for in 2021

With the advent of technology and a change in how modern man thinks, new trends are bound to come. Here are a few trends that might make it big in the coming year.

Optimization for mobile phones

As a mobile phone, sales go up higher on the chart, viewers get more addicted to the mobile-friendly environment. It’s easy to access, convenient, and straightforward.

Most people nowadays choose products on their phones and are even ready to pay on their phones as mobile payments are secure and reliable. Hence, it is vital to make your website mobile-friendly.

Chatbots and private messages

You will be surprised to know how many buyers want websites to have chatbots and artificial intelligence to reach out to them.

It can address many frequently asked questions by customers, explain complex procedures, and address complaints.

Moreover, chatbots collect user information and search patterns and demands, which can later generate custom-made search results.

Subscription-based models

Many people want hassle-free long-time commitment for essential items like magazines, beauty products, and stationery. They don’t want to come back every time and make duplicate purchases.

Subscription-based strategies are perfect for these customers. But companies must keep coming up with new ideas and formulas to keep them enticed for more extended periods.


Personalized products are an excellent opportunity to retain loyal customers. A customized cup or mug or t-shirt is a pleasant idea of a gift or a memoir.

It is easy to do and offers a personal touch, and comes under the best dropshipping products 2021. And if you have performed well, this customer will come back for a pleasant shopping experience.

Easier checkouts

A survey states that 2 out of 3 people leave their shopping carts unattended due to overtly complicated checkout procedures, hidden costs that were revealed to them at the last moment, or too many steps for the final payment.

Online e-commerce platforms must offer a certain level of transparency if they want their customers to make it through that last step.

Advantages of dropshipping

Dropshipping advantages

Easy to start and manage

Starting an e-commerce business is very easy compared to other businesses. Because here you need not very about physical products, warehouse maintenance, monitoring the inventories for accounting purposes, shipping the orders, and stock management.

Can start with minimam capital

The important benefit of the drop shipping business is you can start this business with minimum investment.

Like a traditional retail business, you need not purchase the products or items unless the customer paid to you. So you need not invest more money on purchasing upfront inventories.

Less expensive

No warehouse maintenance, no purchasing inventory. Hence expenses will be very less. All you need is a computer with the necessary accessories and operating skills.

Can start at a convenient location

No need to search for the location to start the business. You can run it where you are or at your convenient place with a good internet connection.

No limitations to selling the variety of products

No need to stick to sell limited types of products. You can sell trending products and different categories of products.

Easy to experiment with new products

You can read the customer’s purchasing interest by adding new products easily without any risk. If it clicks, then you can list those products buy in large quantities.

Best selling dropshipping product’s qualities

Dropshipping Products

One question that may arise in your mind is, what is best selling dropshipping product? Dropshipping products should have the following qualities so that they become best-selling products.

  • The product should be attractive, cheap, and useful to the audience. For example ladies accessories, toys, ornaments, etc
  • Products that are not easily available everywhere
  • Products that are in demand
  • Seasonally available products

What are the examples of best dropshipping products?

The examples of best dropshipping products are key chains, pocket money toys like smiley, piggy, mobile holders, mobile covers, make-up products, etc.


As I mentioned earlier, keeping track of what the modern man thinks and how he wants his life to shape up influences e-commerce platforms.

More and more businesses with an online presence and drop shipping angle are coming up to cater to customer’s demands and keep a tab on the trending products 2021.

It is essential to change yourself and adapt based on technology, new trends, a mobile-friendly environment, and cashless purchases. Every customer is vital, and every visit to your website is worthwhile.

Hence, if you plan to start with your dropshipping business, this is the right time to move ahead with the plan and put your thoughts into action.


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