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Successfully using business software is all about following the right ERP implementation methodology and smart work. Do things right the first time, step by step… and good things happen.

So many businesses fail because they just “put up a software.” And then, a few months later… “Nah… the software didn’t do anything for me!” These owners failed to recognize the fundamental reality of how ERP need to be used.


Business needs software for getting solutions and for expanding business.

Success on the Business software all begins with a critical proprietary-to-open source mindset shift. This means replacing that well-known strategy of “vendor,vendor,vendor” in your mind with…

“right solution,right solution,right solution”

In the proprietary world, getting software is relatively easy to achieve — it’s all about “vendor,vendor,vendor.” An attractive, nicely written sales letter will convince you,you will be provided with software solution which is suitable for your business!

However, in the open source world, no one just happens to walk past, see your business and enter.You need to search for suitable software for your business, business needs solution which will help it to run smoothly and expand.

Open Source, you must select your own software to be successful. Therefore, your primary task, well before you make your first step for using business software, is to be sure of what your business needs and which software is suitable for the same.

Solution is what business want.

Bottom line?

If you don’t select software which suits your business, you will not get required solution.If you don’t keep that in your from Day 1, you are going to end up working for your ERP implementation methodology. You will have to pay for consultants to select the solution for your business!, more than you can afford… and when you stop paying for consultation, your process will stop.

However, you can easily belong to the 2% of small business owners who succeed by following the SOSE! ERP implementation methodology ….


You will implement ERP solution which will reach all areas of your business and will starts its useful impacts. And this progress will increase steadily as your system gains in reputation and relevance at different areas of your business — the way a dam converts a stream into electrical current.

Whatever your type of business, follow the step-by-step S I T E process, as outlined in the Action Guide, to expand business…

STEP 1) SELECT software suits your business. business looks for solutions, it is not looking at softwares. Give that what that wants by mapping your business knowledge into ERP software for getting the solution.

STEP 2)INSTALL ERP software and IMPLEMENT ERP solution at your organization with proven ERP implementation methodology.

STEP 3)TRAIN the end users who are using software with systematic quality training guides.

STEP 4)EXPAND your business with constant reviews, post implementation supports and customization.

The key is to never be dependent on any one expanding source — “all your eggs in one basket” is a high-risk strategy. By diversifying, your revenues increase, your business is more stable, and YOU are in charge of your business destiny.

But always remember… Implementation before Expansion, it’s Selection that makes successful Implementation.

Select ImplementTrainExpand

Make it your new erp implementation methodology mantra. It will help you develop a valuable business.

What is a valuable business? It’s one with equity, which means that it’s defensible, sustainable, diversified, and strategically valuable to larger companies.

  • What kind of business is defensible? One with a good name, a good brand, customers from many sources, diversified revenue sources, and measurable assets.
  • What kind of business is sustainable? One with a service or product where consumer interest is not shrinking, it’s growing. It’s a business with low legal risk.
  • What kind of business is diversified? You don’t make most of your money from one channel. You have at least a few other monetization methods.
  • What kind of business is strategically valuable? One that doesn’t reflect negatively on the entity who owns it, and one that exists in a mature marketplace (it’s not the next “up and coming” fad).
And to help you create a valuable business, visit the SOSE! website materials. There are several discussions dedicated entirely to expand your business using software solutions. Good software is key thing for expanding your business, with good ERP implementation methodology you can achieve it. SOSE! will guide you for doing it.