If you are looking for ERP customization, This article will guide you for the same.   Background Businesses all around the world are increasing their reliance on ERP programs as a cost efficient alternative to their current manual procedures or their piecemeal software applications. However, current ERP programs suffer from a number of shortcomings which make it especially difficult for the small/mid size organization to enjoy the tremendous benefits of ERP: Customization is costly, time consuming and, in many cases, impractical. This leads to a situation in which the organization must change many of its work processes and to adapt to the ERP program rather than the other way around.    

Select a system that is based on business processes an organization wants to emulate. The software is configured for the best fit. Little or no customization are used. This method should result in the highest return on investment, as new software versions can be easily implemented since there are only minor customization. Our methodology suggests to implement the open source ERP (or any other ERP systems) as it is, start using it, only if you find need for customization than take the activity.

Select a system that is based on business processes that are closest to those presently used by an organization. The software is customized for the best fit. This method requires an ongoing investment in software maintenance and customization. That is S (Select) of S ->I >T ->E ERP methodology.

We will help you in selecting right ERP software for your business.

Some organizations have unique business processes that have been optimized over the course of years or in some cases, even decades. To force these organizations to work the way other organizations work, or more correctly, the way a software vendor has interpreted how they work, is a bad idea. Software customization should be used cautiously, but sometimes it clearly is the only choice.

Because of the need to adapt the generic software to the specific needs of the firm, ERP vendors were required to provide tools and utilities that will allow the firm’s in house IT personnel or independent consulting firms to customize the software. Best way

The Solution for ERP customization problem is, follow our methodology. Start using the best fit ERP system, customize only if you find need for it.

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