Your DAY 3-4-5 goal is to, Define Your Business Needs, Get Your Shortlist of ERP Software Solution, Start Comparing Your ERP Solutions.

Today’s Action Steps

Time to start molding “ERP Implementation Blueprint.” How?.

  1. Define Your Business Needs.
  2. Get Your Shortlist of ERP Software Solutions.
  3. Finish with Comparing Your ERP Solutions.

When do we select a suitable ERP for your business?

Not now. Yes, most people (those who do not have visited our website!) do select software immediately on reading a few reviews (often a big mistake). You will only do that on DAY 6.

It’s part of the reason that our readers gets success.

Today, DAY 3, you are going to define business needs and get a shortlist of solutions. On DAY 4, you’re going to compare your shortlisted solutions using thousands of criteria. On DAY 5, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.

Then and only then, assuming DAY 3, DAY 4 and DAY 5 “prove up” your selection, will you be ready to select suitable ERP for your business (DAY 6).

What if it fails to “prove up?” Simple… you repeat DAYs 2-5.

Does this seem like too much preparatory work? Are you super-anxious to select your software? “Enough of all this planning,” you say?

These are your most important DAYs…

The decisions you make on DAY 3 to 5 determine the size of the success of all your efforts over ERP implementation. So…

Time spent now is time well spent.

Step 1 — Define Your Business Needs.

The process is fast and simple…

Answer questions about your business needs. Disqualify Open Source ERP software solution fail to meet the requirements.

  1. select the knowledge base that best fits your organization’s requirements.
  2. Select the vertical segment or industry that most applies to your business (select all that apply).
  3. Select the range that represents the total number of people employed by your company.
  4. Select if your organization is regional, national, multinational.
  5. Select if your organization is a single-site enterprise or multi-site enterprise.
  6. Select categories best describe your business.
  7. In what languages do you need to use this solution? This refers to requirements such as a user interface language (select as many as are appropriate).
  8. Please indicate which of the environments (modules) most applicable to your business (select all that apply).
  9. Indicate your organization’s functional requirements (select all that apply).
  10. What are the technology requirements of the system?

More on ERP Accounting Software Requirements For You Business.
Day 4 ….

Step 2 – Get Your Shortlist of ERP Software Solutions.

Shortlist of ERP software solution that meets your business requirements gathered in Step 1. It is simple to do. Compare your requirement against features of ERP solutions available. To do this please follow this url…

Shortlisting ERP software Solution …
Day 5 ….

Step 3 – Finish With Comparing Your ERP Solutions.

Compare the solutions which are shortlisted in Step 2. For comparing your shortlisted Open Source ERP software’s please follow following url…    

Compare Accounting Softwares Which Are Shortlisted …

Now we defined your business needs, shortlisted the software and analyzed ERP software solutions, now let’s proceed for selecting appropriate open source ERP software solution for your business….

Let’s move to Day 6…

Get a great research document on ERP selection. Free of cost!!

A research pdf document (100 pages) to help you to select the right ERP. It compares 5 ERP software. Same methods can be applied to other Open ERP solutions. Download Open Source ERP software solution selection document Free of cost here.

Get the list of Free Open ERP Systems here.

Choose Free Business ERP Software For You

Table of Contents

Intro  – 10 DAY ERP Training Introduction: The BIG Picture

Day 1  – Definition Of ERP, Master The ALL-Important ERP Basics

Day 2  – SITE Open Source ERP Methodology

Day 6 – Select Free Business ERP Software For You

Day 7 – Open Source ERP Implementation Process Guide.

Day 8 – Open Source ERP Training and Teaching Guide.

Day 9 – Own Custom ERP Software For You Business!

Day 10 – Post ERP Implementation Support