WEKA (Features, Pros, and Cons)

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What is Weka

Suppose you are still looking for machine learning software for data mining and processing tasks, visualization, clustering, or regression. In that case, we have another option that might be perfect.

WEKA (Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis ) is an applied research tool developed at the University of Waitekekt in New Zealand.

This blog post will answer your many questions about WEKA machine learning. What it is, how it is useful, its best features, and its advantages over other ML software. It will also list the limitations, which may make you think twice before installing one.

What is WEKA?

It is a powerful data platform for Artificial intelligence. With Weka AI software, you can easily explore your data; visualization tools and algorithms for analysis are just some features available on this platform, including user interfaces designed to make it easy.

The latest version of this software (WEKA JAVA) can be found in academic institutions and Research centers around New Zealand because its use significantly increases student success rates while promoting learners’ creativity through interactive projects like “Meltwater.”

It is a powerful tool that can use for enterprise AI workloads. It is reliable and provides the performance and scalability you need. You can use it on-premises, in the Cloud, or bursting between platforms.


A free trial is available. For pricing details, contact the vendor directly.

Reasons to use WEKA

Unify data silos

It was built to help you manage your data. WEKA allows you to access and manage your data to get better outcomes.

Accelerate time to insight

You can do more with our industry-leading performance. You can get insights more quickly. You don’t need to adjust any knobs or have any expertise. You can get started quickly in the Cloud or on-premises with reference architectures that are already validated.

Display anywhere

It can be used to analyze data on-premise, in the public Cloud, or in a hybrid. You can deploy it on dedicated storage servers or use it as coverage computing.

How does it work?

  • This software can work on-premise, in the Cloud, or a mix of both.
  • Use accelerated large-scale data pipelines to reduce the time it takes to do inferencing and get the best images per second benchmarks.
  • Multiprotocol supports features connecting to data using Native NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage, POSIX, NFS, SMB, and S3.
  • Use the same storage backend for your entire pipeline to avoid the cost and stalls of copying data.
  • This filesystem is the fastest system. It supports high Input and output and low latency. That makes it good for small files and mixed workloads. Plus, it is portable, so that you can move your data easily.
  • Choose the hardware you want to use for your server. You can also choose new server technologies as soon as they are available.


AI, Machine, and Deep learning tools 

This tool has storage is perfect for input and output-intensive workloads, Great accuracy, and high-speed performance.

  • WEKA is a set of tools that can help you quickly solve data problems. It includes software development kits and reference architectures from leading AI partners.
  • Different parts of an AI data pipeline have different storage needs. For example, massive amounts of data need to be ingested quickly, so the storage needs to handle a lot of write traffic. Plus, the storage needs quick access to the data, so it’s good if it also has a lot of read traffic. 
  • Useful to solve the storage problems of chief data officers, chief Analytics officers, and Data Scientists
  • Solving storage problem of infrastructure engineers

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

You can speed up application development and improve operations with persistent storage and simplified data management.

It helps in protecting your Kubernetes workloads. You can deploy them in the public Cloud or on-premises.

Unlimited choices

You can be fast using on-premises technology or in the Cloud and on demand.

  • Good performance and running any workloads with affordably.
  • WEKA lets you have a protection schema with multiple vendors in case of an attack, Cloud to Cloud, or on-premise to Cloud if recovery is possible.
  • You can also use it to make snapshots sent to a WORM bucket in a different data center or Cloud.

Life sciences

  • It Helps industries speed up the process of sequencing and analyzing data using the latest technologies. 
  • It ensures that all your data is kept sheltered and secured and will help keep the costs down.
  • Speed up the discovery process and reduces the complexity.
  • Provides storage for accelerating Geometric discovery.
Preprocess page of Weka
Open File Preprocess Weka

Financial services

  • Reduces the trading time
  • Low latency data platform with high bandwidth
  • On-demand scalability and Economy
  • Enables Elastic public Cloud for the peak to compute demand

Media and Entertainment

You can use this software to improve the performance of animation, visual effects, gaming, and other broadcasting tasks.

  • Single data set for all studio applications
  • Able to manage the peak demand
  • Improves collaboration and S3( Simple, Storage, Service) for low cost
Visualize page of Weka

Federal Government

WEKA software is a data platform that can help federal agencies and research labs replace old systems, re-architect old networks, and speed up work with sensors and artificial intelligence.

  • Run on your chosen hardware or new technology
  • Provides advanced security
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Mixed workload support
Classify page view of Weka


  • Testing new ideas quickly 
  • Easy to learn and solve data mining problems
  • You can try different algorithms on your data set to see which gives you the most accurate results quickly.
  • It is independent software that can run on most machines that run Java
  • Useful in reading multiple formats from multiple sources
  • Code is not required; everything can be done through UI


  • Some of the users are disappointed about the graphics quality
  • Alternative algorithms are not available
  • The user interface needs enhancement, and the designs and looks of the tool look old.
  • Users are complaining that it is lagging sometimes and slow in uploading
  • It doesn’t have a feature to change the numeric variable to a categorical variable
  • Lack of algorithms for deep learning
  • The complication in converting the string into numerical math


  • Scikit learn
  • Machine learning in Python
  • Python recsys
  • MLlib
  • Apache Mahout
  • Google Cloud TPU
  • V7


WEKA is a platform that has many uses. Know you came to know about some of its uses, such as its features and how it can benefit your organization.

However, it would be best if you also considered its limitations to decide which machine learning software is best for you.


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