What is a Batch ticket? – definition and examples

A batch ticket is a document that outlines the steps necessary to complete a batch of products. This document ensures that all products are made according to the exact specifications and helps to prevent defects.

Let’s look at what it is and how it can help your manufacturing operation run more smoothly.

In other words, the batch ticket is the documentation that accompanies each batch. This term is used in the manufacturing process. It includes the instruction on how to use the product, specifications of the end product. In short batch ticket is the document provided by the vendor to his customer for each batch.

Batch Ticket Definition

A batch ticket definition in manufacturing is a form that provides necessary metadata about the part that has been made, such as component specifications and inspection criteria. This will allow for quick identification of any potential need for extra inspections on specific assembly parts.

The manufacturer fills out this ticket just before their final inspection, which allows them to tailor their process individually by varying tasks or adding additional steps if necessary. In addition, these tickets are often found outside the final QC camera, so operators can reference them without interrupting production line flow.

Example of Batch Ticket Use

A batch ticket is an identification tag attached to a product, typically to track goods and materials through a manufacturing process.

For example, when an employee or customer receives an item made by ABC Corp., there may be tags affixed throughout the packaging that provides information such as dimensions, color code, and who they need to contact about questions about the product. These tags are often barcodes that encode this data into machine-readable codes. After receiving products with batch tickets from ABC Corp., employees then use these tickets to track transactions throughout their organization while accounting for revisions in quantity or quality of production or distribution.”

Another example, an auto manufacturer may start using batches numbers instead of model numbers and build dates. This way, they can sell units with unknown production statuses without fear that they will be sold as new when they were mistakenly marked as used.

Batch-ticketing is also done by carmakers who produce vehicles with paint issues but wish still to include them in their given year’s output. Rather than assigning all such vehicles one dark blue background color, they will each have a different random shade of dark blue which would not match any other series associated with said year.

Batch ticket template

A Batch Ticket Template is a document that contains information about all of the products that were made in one production run. The ticket shows how much raw material was used and the manufacturing date, time, serial number, and quantity produced for each item.

Following is the simple sample template for illustration.

Batch Ticket


A batch ticket is a document that accompanies a batch of products as it moves through the manufacturing process. It typically contains information such as the product’s ingredients, lot number, and date of manufacture. This information helps to ensure that the correct products are being produced and helps to track any potential defects or issues with the product.

In short, it is documentation that accompanies each batch.

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