NetSuite Field Explorer: Browse your NetSuite Data like a Pro 

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NetSuite Field Explorer

With so much data in your account, finding the specific information you need can be challenging. You might spend hours scrolling through menus and pages to track your needs.

NetSuite Field Explorer is the solution to your problem. With this extension, you can quickly and easily find the information you need in your NetSuite account.

This blog post will discuss NetSuite Field Explorer’s importance, features, installation and use, and tips and tricks.

What is NetSuite Field Explorer?

It is a Chrome extension developed by Michoel Chaikin that allows access to all the fields displayed on the record you have loaded in your web browser and examines the fields in a NetSuite record.

It enables one to search for fields in the NetSuite account and view their properties, such as data type, field ID, and label. Field Explorer is also used to view record types and their fields and explore the data model.


Field Explorer is a vital Chrome extension because it makes it easy to find, customize and manage field input values.

  • It helps developers to search for the correct internal ID of the specific field while writing any script and also enables them to know the structure of the particular record.
  • That is helpful when you want to tailor information for specific users or departments or when you need to make data changes across multiple records.
  • Customizing fields also helps prevent clutter and redundancy in your data.
  • The Field Explorer can view dependencies between customizations, so you can determine how changes will affect other parts of your system.
  • This tool provides excellent flexibility and control over your data, making it an essential part of NetSuite administration.

Features of NetSuite Field Explorer

The Field Explorer extension has many features that make it a valuable tool for searching for information better.

Features Of NetSuite Field Explorer

1. Quick filtering/searchable database of all fields in your NetSuite account

2. The colorful tree interface enables a user to view

  • (a) Properties of each field, such as data type, field ID, and label
  • (b) Record types and their fields

3. A dependency viewer that shows how changes will affect other parts of your system

4. Shows the fields that are not retrievable using a “&xml=T” URL

  1. Libraries used:x2js, JSON-formatter-js, Iodash
  2. Weekly active users: 390,000+

How to Install and Use

  • First, install the extension from the Chrome Webstore.
  • Open the extension by selecting the extension icon in the toolbar when viewing a NetSuite record.
  • Click on the Field Explorer icon in your browser toolbar.
  • You can search for fields by name, data type, field ID, or label. You can also view record types and their fields and explore the NetSuite data model.
  • You can use the filter bar in case your record contains many fields.
  • You can define a custom keyboard shortcut by clicking Keyboard Shortcuts at the bottom of the Chrome extension page. It is usually accessed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E.

Some Tips and Tricks

Below are some of the tips and tricks to get the most out of Field Explorer:

  • It can be used to find information in any account, so it’s a good idea to bookmark the extension page for easy access.
  • If you’re looking for a particular field, try searching for it by name or data type.
  • The keyboard shortcut for the Field Explorer is Ctrl+Shift+E.
  • You can use the “&xml=T” URL parameter to retrieve all the fields for a particular record type.
  • You can use the “&fields=” URL parameter to specify which fields you want to retrieve.
  • You can use the “&exclude=” URL parameter to exclude fields from the results.
  • The NetSuite data model is constantly changing, so check for updates often.

Other NetSuite Chrome Extensions

There are seven top Netsuite Chrome Extensions. In that, we discussed NetSuite Field Explorer in this post. Other Chrome extensions are as follows.

  • NetSuite Portlet Refresher
  • NetSuite Search Export
  • NetSuite Advanced Field Help
  • NetSuite: Show Field IDs
  • NetSuite HTML Script Notes
  • NetSuite Links


How much does NetSuite Field Explorer cost?

It is a free extension.

Is Field Explorer available for Firefox?

No, it is only available for Google Chrome.

What are Similar useful extensions?

Similar useful NetSuite Chrome extensions are,
NetSuite Advanced Field Help, NetSuite Show Field IDs, NetSuite Record Browser, NetSuite Search Export, NetSuite Scripted Record.


NetSuite Field Explorer is a powerful and easy-to-use Chrome extension that makes it quick and easy to find the information you need in your NetSuite account. With this extension, you can save hours searching through menus and pages.

This extension is essential to NetSuite administration searching better within the account.


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