Delogue PLM (Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons)

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Delogue PLM

Are you interested in one centralized place for your entire accessory needs? 

The answer is yes! You need the Single Source of Truth(SSOT), which will provide you with all aspects from planning to marketing. Here is a solution for your apparel, jewelry, footwear, and interior brands to get ready for dispatch.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Delogue, its features, pricing, and pros, and cons and compare it to other popular PLM solutions.

What is Delogue?

It is a cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software that helps companies manage the entire product development process, from ideation to delivery.

This offers a wide range of features and advantages over traditional PLM software, making it a better option for businesses looking to digitize their product development process.

It is particularly useful for companies that want to digitize their product development process.

What PLM means?

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a term used in business to describe the process of managing the life cycle of a product. PLM encompasses everything from ideation and design to manufacturing and shipping.

In a nutshell, PLM is a way for businesses to keep track of all the different stages of product development and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Delogue Pricing

Pricing and Plans – Affordable Pricing for All Business Sizes

Business139 Euro per user per monthMinimum 3 users and 100GB data storage
Professional189 Euro per user per month Minimum 3 users and 200GB data storage
EnterpriseYou need to contact the vendor for a quote50 users and unlimited data storage
Pricing of Delogue


Product management

PMs are responsible for taking an idea and turning it into a reality by shepherding it through the development process. 

Presentation tools

With the help of presentation tools, products can be planned through a slide show, animation, audio, and video. Before the presentation, you need to consider your needs and the type of presentation.

Fashion presentation

It can be used for self-expression and creativity. Creating different fashionable jewelry, interiors, and footwear is left to your imagination and liking. This feature allows you to use your creativity for a better outcome.

Pattern, color, and art storage

This feature provides plenty of options for adding different colors, art, and patterns for effective product presentation.

Supplier management

Managing the supplier’s relations by reaching their expectations for quality and timely product supply.

Data import/export

This feature helps upload the data from external resources and allows for data extraction and conversion to the required format.


Cataloging or categorizing the products accordingly will make you find the products easily. The process of sorting out or separating the product details according to their nature is cataloging.

Material management

Material management includes planning, purchasing, production process, inventory, and evaluation.

Supply chain management

Managing the process of conversion of raw materials to a final product. This feature helps meet the consumer’s expectations by going through all the functions suitably.

Some Screenshots of Delogue

Colors Settings of Delogue
Color ID of Delogue
Overview Demo Page of Delogue

Other details

DeploymentCloud, SAAS Web-based
Supportive IndustriesEnterprise software, Information technology

Advantages and disadvantages


It has several advantages over traditional PLM software, including:

  • A cloud-based platform that is accessible from any device or computer. All the users can log in and work together.
  • A user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and navigate. Easy to collect the data, information, and communication can be done without sending emails.
  • A wide range of features that cover the entire product lifecycle, from ideation to delivery
  • Fast and easy setup that does not require any special hardware or software


  • A lack of integration with other software applications. Sometimes the supplier will not get the notification changes.
  • Limited customization options, difficult to delete, or any changes to be done.
  • A higher price tag than some other PLM solutions


  • Teamcenter
  • NetSuite
  • Paragon ERP
  • PolyPM
  • Bachbone PLM
  • Uphance
  • AIMS360
  • N41

Our opinion

Delogue provides transparency throughout your company’s entire lifecycle, making it easier for everyone involved in any given project or initiative – from engineering teams all the way up through executives-to come together as one cohesive unit with shared goals on how best to move forward!


What does PLM stand for in Fashion?

PLM is a technology that connects all the people involved in making products. This includes people who work on things like marketing, planning, design, and product development. It also includes people who work on materials development and product testing.

What are the industries supported by PLM?

Products that have a long lifespan, like aircraft, heavy machines, Military, cars, electronic items, jewels, interior brands, etc.


Delogue PLM is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for businesses looking to digitize their product development process. It offers many advantages over traditional PLM software, 

Delogue PLM is an excellent choice for businesses looking to digitize their product development process.