The below article tells about the stock status report, its benefits, and what are the things in it.


Stock status is a report of what is on hand, what is due in, and what is owed to customers.

Stock Status

What is stock?

Stock is also called inventory in manufacturing industries. Stock means goods or raw materials that an organization needs and holds for resale or production.

What does the stock status report include?

The stock status report or inventory status report includes the following things.

  • Hand outed: It shows the number of  products  with more demand from the customer that is not readily available to supply.
  • On hand: It shows the number of products available to supply.
  • Made to Order: It shows the number of products available in 4-5 days based on confirmed orders.
  • Not available: It shows the temporary unavailability of the product.
  • Discontinued: It shows products that are decided by the manufacture not to produce. That means once the current stock goes out, the product will not be available.
  • Ready to ship: It shows the number of products readily available to ship.
  • Sold out: It tells about the number of products that are consumed because of the more demand.
  • Temporarily unavailable: It tells that products are currently unavailable. However, backorders will be taken, and once products are available to ship.

Benefits of stock status

The stock status report helps your business with a clear pitcher of inventories.

  • It gives a clear idea about the number of units that are ready to deliver.
  • It helps to find out the number of units to be produced as per the requirement.
  • It helps you to avoid stock out problem.
  • It helps to speed up the production process as per the demand.
  • It informs you about the overstock items as per that you can reduce your production of those items.

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