You have chosen the right ERP for your business, learned everything about it now. Time to own Custom ERP Software for your business.

Welcome to DAY 9 to become the owner of ERP software.

This is E of S -> I -> T -> E methodology. Expand It!

That is the beauty of Open Source ERP Softwares. It will give flexibility for owning your copy of ERP, make modifications to it according to your business requirement. There are no license fees, so you can do it at your own phase, you can select any vendor if you need any assistance in customizing.

To know more follow this link

What is Custom ERP Software?

To know about why customization needed and how to achieve it please follow this URL

How To Customize Your ERP Software?..

Yes, now we are familiar with owning custom software for our business. Let’s move on to DAY 10 …

ERP Implementation Support!

Table of Contents

Intro  – 10 DAY ERP Training Introduction: The BIG Picture

Day 1  – Definition Of ERP, Master The ALL-Important ERP Basics

Day 2  – SITE Open Source ERP Methodology

Day 3,4& 5- DEFINE Business Needs And Get a Shortlist of ERP Software Solution.

Day 6 – Select Free Business ERP Software For You

Day 7 – Open Source ERP Implementation Process Guide.

Day 8 – Open Source ERP Training and Teaching Guide.

Day 10 – Post ERP Implementation Support

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