At the end of implementation to get maximum benefit, it needs ERP Implementation Support.

This is day 10!

Keep in mind that the job is not over when your ERP system goes live. Your post-implementation plan should include provisions for on-going training to help your employees get the most out of your ERP investment. There will inevitably be gaps in training content and schedules, and training has to continue after release, especially for new hires who enter your company after implementation has begun and do not have knowledge of what was done before.

After the dust has settled, you also have the chance to re-evaluate your business processes and determine if they can be optimized even further. ERP software systems will certainly improve productivity, but once those efficiencies have been realized, it’s up to you to examine your processes and see what can be streamlined. Process optimization should be an ongoing activity in your business.

Critical Dimensions Need To Be Considered in Post Implementation Stage

  • Evaluation of fit with strategic vision.
  • Review of project planning effectiveness.
  • Evaluation of infrastructure development.
  • Review of fit resolution strategies.
  • Evaluation of system integration attainment and reporting flexibility.
  • Evaluation of the level of attainment of expected system benefits.
  • Review of driving principles for the project.
  • Review of project justification practices.
  • Review of user learning.
  • Evaluation of effective knowledge transfer (among project team members and other users).

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This is the end of DAY 10.

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Table of Contents

Intro  – 10 DAY ERP Training Introduction: The BIG Picture

Day 1  – Definition Of ERP, Master The ALL-Important ERP Basics

Day 2  – SITE Open Source ERP Methodology

Day 3,4& 5- DEFINE Business Needs And Get a Shortlist of ERP Software Solution.

Day 6 – Select Free Business ERP Software For You

Day 7 – Open Source ERP Implementation Process Guide.

Day 8 – Open Source ERP Training and Teaching Guide.

Day 9 – Own Custom ERP Software For You Business!