Your DAY 2 goal is to understand the S I T E ERP methodology. Know-how and why choosing the right software, not customizing at the beginning , is what maximizes profits.  

Today’s Action Steps

Build the foundation of your business software right now.
How? By absorbing, then living, these All-Important Basics of ERP methodology …

  1. Understand the difference between “Proprietary ERP Software Systems” and “Open Source ERP Software Systems.”
  2. Act upon the “Open Source ERP Implementation Reality.”
  3. Maximize Return On Investment (ROI) and profits.

Step 1 – Understand the difference between “Proprietary ERP Software Systems” and “Open Source ERP Systems.”

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What’s it all about? Where’s the magic?

No magic. And it’s all about your “business running every day” …

Success on all begins with a critical mindset shift. This means replacing that well-known strategy of using “proprietary ERP software” with…

“Open Source ERP Software Systems.”

In the open-source world, no one just happens to explain to you how their ERP system will help you grow your business, instead, you are the one who needs to study what are your business requirements and which software suits your business. You are not sold here, instead, you will be owning your own robust free ERP system.

If you want to know more about Open Source ERP and Proprietary ERP systems visit the following page.

Commercial and Open Source ERP

Give the business what it needs.

With Open Source ERP you will be owning your own ERP system without any license fees. System will be in your control. Unlike in commercial ERP systems, you should not try to customize the system before using it. Instead, you need to make a smart selection of ERP which suits your business. That will help you in multiple ways.

  1. Save your time.
  2. Save your money
  3. Reduction in the risk involved with ERP failures.
  4. More option for studying your requirements with ERP system and customizing it accordingly.

With your proprietary ERP systems, you will have less option of achieving the same, since you are not the owner of the software there and you are dependent on vendors. This proven, results-generating process…


… works. No matter how you plan to Expand your business…

You need to understand of Open Source ERP methodology is completely different from commercial ERP methodology.

Owning Open Source ERP is like getting your own house (for free!)

Having a commercial ERP is like living in a rented house.

People “buy” or they are “sold” by proprietary ERP marketing materials.

And that is why 99% of small businesses fail to implement ERP in their organization successfully.

After studying the above information, take this test…

Do you understand the difference between…

                                         Open Source ERP

                                                 and                                        Proprietary ERP If not, review the basics of S ->I->T->E ERP Methodology again   Once you’ve absorbed S -> I -> T -> E ERP methodology, please realize this is not “theory.” It has been proven thousands of times as the only way for the small business person to succeed with ERP — it is a reality. You are now ready to…

Step 2 — Act upon the “Open Source ERP Implementation Reality.”

As just mentioned, the reality of Open Source ERP Implementation is that it works… if YOU work it! Thousands of ordinary, everyday business people have done exactly that. They have used the integrated tools to execute S I T E.

The reality is that it is all under your control, far more so than in the risky, proprietary ERP business world. This reality can be summed up as follows…

“Nothing happens by accident in the world of computers, customers and the business response. There is always a reason for what happens, good or bad, that reason is YOU. “

Once you realize the logic and power of S I T E ERP methodology, then you know what success really is DO-able. It is indeed “yours to be had.” And if you don’t succeed immediately, keep trying until you find the right approach.

You only fail when you quit. Patience and persistence ultimately rule the day.

Persistence wins. Keep pushing it… the business software you implement will take on its own momentum. It will fulfill all your objectives, if you put in the right approach, the time and persistence that are required to grow anything that is worth achieving.

Bottom line… sweeps away the barriers (technology, training, etc.). You literally have all you need to determine to make it work. So decide now to join the majority of this website user who makes it into the successful ERP implementation.

Special TIP For Keeping Trial & Error To a Minimum

Follow this Action Guide. It’s wonderful to have the persistence to push your way past errors. But why not reduce the amount of trial-and-error and save your persistence for bigger matters? Follow the Guide and reinforce your understanding by reviewing these materials!

We’re making superb progress. You understand S I T E ERP methodology. More importantly, you are ready to invest (and “invest” is the perfect word!) time to build S I T before you Expand. Once you do, Expanding the implemented system is the easiest (and most fun!) part. Let’s do it…

Step 3 — Maximize Return On Investment (ROI) and profits

Selecting the right software (free open source software without license fees), systematic implementation and adequate training will minimize the total amount of investment required for ERP implementation. If you follow these steps and start using one module by one in your organization you will start getting benefits of ERP implementation. We provide you required templates for accurately measuring ROI of the same. On day 10th we will guide you, how to use ROI templates.

Moving Forward…

Ready For DAY 3?

You’re ready for DAY 3 if you understand that Expand comes last, not first.

You are really ready if you understand that the E is the easiest part of S I T E ERP methodology and that you will only start S after DAY 6! And speaking of S

Before you can do that, you must do …

  • DEFINE business needs and get a shortlist of solutions.
  • COMPARE your shortlisted solutions using thousands of criteria.
  • ANALYZE the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.

And THAT is exactly what you are going to be doing from DAY 3 to DAY 5. Remember… don’t rush. The rest of your business depends on it. Onwards and upwards…

DEFINE Business Needs And Get a Shortlist of ERP Software Solutions.

Table of Contents

Intro  – 10 DAY ERP Training Introduction: The BIG Picture

Day 1  – Definition Of ERP, Master The ALL-Important ERP Basics

Day 3,4& 5- DEFINE Business Needs And Get a Shortlist of ERP Software Solution.

Day 6 – Select Free Business ERP Software For You

Day 7 – Open Source ERP Implementation Process Guide.

Day 8 – Open Source ERP Training and Teaching Guide.

Day 9 – Own Custom ERP Software For You Business!

Day 10 – Post ERP Implementation Support

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