ERP System for Cannabis Details (Best Software Solutions)

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ERP System for Cannabis

Cannabis industry is one of the rapidly evolving industries in North America, where compliance, efficiency, and growth are the keys to success, having the right tools disposal is essential.

This post takes you to the world of ERP systems tailored specifically for cannabis businesses, a game-changer that’s revolutionizing the way companies navigate the complex landscape of this emerging market.

An ERP system for cannabis can help your business by providing a comprehensive solution for cannabis that includes everything from accounting to cultivation management.

In this blog post, we will discuss the cannabis ERP system, cannabis ERP modules, and their functions, why cannabis ERP is an essential plan, how to choose the right cannabis ERP solution for your business, and the best ten cannabis ERP software tools.

What is an ERP system for cannabis?

Cannabis ERP are integrated on-premise or cloud-based system that is growing in popularity. They provide comprehensive business solutions that help manage everything from cultivation tracking traceability to inventory, finance, and more. 

An ERP system for a cannabis operation can ensure safety and compliance by integrating all business areas into one centralized system.

That includes cultivators tracking plants and products from seed to sale, dispensaries having real-time inventory data to avoid running out of product, and bookkeepers having an up-to-date financial picture of the business.

That helps to ensure that products are accurately tracked and accounted for and taxes are paid on all products. The system also helps prevent black market activity and illegal sales of cannabis products.

Modules and their functions

Cannabis ERP modules help businesses manage the production, sale, and tracking of cannabis plants and products. Cannabis ERP systems typically include modules for accounting, cultivation management, product tracking, regulatory compliance, inventory management, CRM, etc.

Cannabis ERP Modules


Accounting includes payments, receivables, fixed assets, and general ledger are all handled by this department. Also, calculating and tracking the tax liability of all cannabis products sold, such as excise tax, sales tax, and VAT.

Cultivation management

Cultivation management includes keeping track of all cannabis plants from seed to sale, their growing conditions, and their movements through the supply chain using seeds-to-sale functionality.

It also ensures growing space is utilized efficiently, monitoring crop performance, forecasting crop yield, and calculating crop yield.

Product tracking

For performance measurement, inventory control, and compliance, trace your products at every step, from seedling to harvest, processing, and point of sale.

Safety and Compliance

Regulatory compliance includes ensuring that all cannabis products are sold according to state and federal laws.

Inventory management

Inventory management monitors each stock across locations, such as warehouses, wholesalers, distributors, and customers.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM captures customer data and manages interactions, including marketing sales and customer service.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting include business intelligence tools that turn data into actionable insights. It also provides comprehensive financials, sales, customers, inventory, and cultivation reports.

Why is cannabis ERP an essential plan?

The following points give reasons why cannabis ERP is an essential plan.

1. Comply with regulations

It can help you comply with regulations since it can track your seed for sale.

2. Automates tasks

It can automate many of the essential tasks for your company’s success, such as accounting, sales orders, and materials management.

3. Saves time and money

It can help you save time and money by using a central database system and integrating all the tasks required to run your business.

4. High level of mobility

It has a high level of mobility because it may be accessed remotely from any location.

5. Enables tracking

It can help you track your inventory and production.

6. Gives real-time visibility

It gives real-time visibility into the entire operation, which helps get a better sense of how your cannabis business is doing.

How to choose the right cannabis ERP solution for your business?

Cannabis businesses are subject to a unique set of regulations, making choosing the proper Enterprise Resource Planning essential to success. Here are four tips to consider when selecting cannabis ERP software for your business:

  • Make sure the software is fully compliant with state and local regulations.
  • Choose an ERP solution with comprehensive features designed explicitly for the cannabis industry.
  • Work with a reputable provider who offers ongoing support and updates. 
  • Compare costs and reviews before making your final decision. Implementing an ERP system is a significant investment, so you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the best possible value for your money.

Best Cannabis ERP systems

1. Canix

Canix is a cannabis ERP software system that helps businesses manage their cannabis operations more effectively and efficiently. Canix provides users with a complete picture of their business, allows them to track inventory and sales, and provides tools to manage compliance and licensing.

In addition, Canix offers online ordering and eCommerce capabilities, making it easy for businesses to operate online.

Webpage of Canix


  • Inventory management
  • Compliance
  • Open API
  • RFID scanning
  • Batch templates, custom label printing
  • Remote tracking
  • Historical performance analysis
  • Task management
  • Cultivation and location forecasting
  • Harvest profitability
  • Web app and offline enable mobile app
  • Analytical and financial reports

Screenshots of Canix

Facilities Overview Of Canix
Facilities Overview
Curent Customers Of Canix
Current Customer


The starting price is $499 per month

It may increase up to 10,000 per month


  • Helps to save time in the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of cannabis by using RFID scanning, Batch templates, custom label printing, remote tracking, and workflow automation
  • Provides customization for particular business requirements
  • Provides world-class customer satisfaction in times of need


  • It does not provide a solution for dispensaries
  • No free trial and free version

Other details

Supported platformsSaaS, Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
Training Documentation, live, in-person videos
SupportBusiness hours, Online
OrganizationType Small, mid-size, large, non-profit
Supported languages English
Integrates withmetric, LeafLink, way fast, leaf trade, Onfleet, Sage, Quickbooks, Confident Cannabis, Green Check
API supportedYes

User opinion

Canix is a valuable tool for businesses as it enhances profitability by offering real-time data insights. With its easy access and customizable workflows, it streamlines operations and improves efficiency.

Companies can make informed decisions and optimize their processes with the help of its good features. It’s worth noting that Canix does not cater to dispensaries, which may limit its usefulness for some businesses. Occasional random bugs and a less user-friendly interface are found.

2. Distru

The Distru is a cannabis ERP software that helps streamline the process of tracking and managing inventory for businesses in the cannabis industry.

It integrates with various point-of-sale systems and cultivation, production, and retail management software to provide a comprehensive overview of operations.

Distru also offers compliance tools that help businesses stay within state regulations for cannabis sales. The software has been used by some of the largest dispensaries and cultivation facilities in the United States.

Webpage of Distru


  • All compliance is covered, including tax, tracking, testing, and state reporting.
  • Inventory management provides a product catalog, enabling metrics to be verified in real-time inventory management.
  • CRM allows for tracking licenses, adding activity logs, and also enables to addition of multiple contacts, brands, customers, suppliers
  • Distro analytics helps to find financial reports, product reviews, re-order tracking, and verify payments of customers.
  • Provides specific product tracking and batch tracking capabilities
  • Provides live menu and route planning for the sales team
  • Label printing
  • Provides a mobile app to manage inventory operations remotely
  • Provides multi-user capability

Screenshot of Distru

Report dashboard of Distru
Report dashboard


The introductory price is $100 per user/month


  • The use of sample analytics can help teams better understand the quantitative impacts of samples on sales volumes
  • Integrating systems helps reduce human error and double data entry

Other details

Supported platformCloud, Saas, Web, iOS, Android
Customer supportOnline, webinar
Organization typeSmall, mid-size, and large
Supported languagesEnglish
Integrates with Metric, LeafLink, Google data studio, Quickbooks
API supported Yes
Valid forManufacturers, distributors, cannabis operators
Type seedTo sale software

User opinion

Distru offers efficient workflows and allows businesses to streamline their operations. Have experienced a lag time when integrating or syncing with external systems. The inability to directly register transfer-only transactions within Distru is a limitation.

The team behind Distru is highly supportive and always ready to assist users, providing valuable guidance and assistance.

3. Flourish

Flourish software is a powerful package for cannabis growers, manufacturers, and distributors to monitor products from seed to sale and manage operations.

It offers comprehensive tracking, growth management, and retail solutions for the cannabis industry. Growing, manufacturing, processing, and retail companies can use Flourish as a cannabis and hemp ERP system.

Webpage of Flourish


  • Cultivation management allows for tracking plants through different growth stages.
  • Provides better compliance through METRC, MMUR, and PMP.
  • Reporting and analytics allows data-driven decision and also provides advanced track notes, cultivation inputs, and harvest forecast with dashboards.
  • Calculate and track – Using Flourish, you can compare actual costs against standard costs as you build inventory.
  • Inventory management – Location, locking, and adjusting inventory are essential functions of inventory management. It supports self and 3PL distributions.
  • Connectivity – You can capture orders wherever your customers are with APIs, webhooks, and Zapier connections.
  • Discount options – Provides discounts based on customer team, time, item, etc.


  • Launch – For pricing details contact the vendor
  • Scale – Standard Pricing of $5000/m
  • Enterprise – Operators over $15MM in Revenue, you need to contact the vendor for details.
Pricing Of Flourish


  • Excellent customer support helps customers in better decision-making
  • Provides the best compliance to stay within regulations
  • Implementation is easy


  • Dashboards and invoice templates need to be more customizable

Other details

Customer supportEmail, call, Web portal
Suitable for startupMid-size and large enterprise
Supported languagesEnglish
Integrates withBio Track, METRC, State PMP, MMUR(for compliance), Aero pay, Hypur, Linda, Quick books, Sage intact(for finance and payments)
Google sheets Google workforce and 1000’s apps via Zapier
API supportedYes
Useful forCultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailer
Type seedTo sale software

User opinion

Flourish is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to get started. The industry-best API integration offered by Flourish provides customers with numerous advantages, allowing for seamless integration with other systems. 

The platform does have limited customization options, which can be challenging for users who require more flexibility. 

4. Strimo

It is a complete cannabis software solution that includes features for growing management, product tracking, and retail point of sale. It supports the cultivation process, manufacturing workflows, distribution, wholesale, accounting, and compliance.

Webpage of Strimo


Cultivation management
  • It offers full tracking for the cannabis plant from seed to harvests, such as growth, batch, and plant tracking.
  • Enables forecasting and planning for future harvests.
  • Provides efficient workflow methods and data templates
Manufacturing management
  • It provides features for managing the cannabis manufacturing process, such as product tracking, recipe, and yield management.
  • It also offers compliance features such as lot and batch traceability.
Distribution management
  • It provides features for managing cannabis distribution, such as order management, extracting, packaging, testing, and cost tracking.
Account management
  • It integrates with QuickBooks for financial tracking and accounting.
  • It also offers compliance features such as lot and batch traceability.
Retail management
  • It provides features for managing the cannabis retail process, such as POS, customer management, and product inventory.
  • Discrepancy warnings enabled
  • Quality assurance quality checking is handled 
  • Assures regulatory compliance incorporating GMP standards to mitigate risk efficiently


  • Flexible, configurable, reliable, and data-rich software.
  • Generates traceability reports
  • It can be used to manage multiple farms


  • The user interface is not very user-friendly
  • The software is expensive

Other details

Customer SupportEmail, chat
Suitable for Nonprofit, Freelance, Small, Mid-Size, Enterprise, and Government
SupportedLanguages English
Integrates withQuickbooks, Xero, Ridder, Leaflink POS
API supportedYes
Useful for Cultivators, manufacturer distributor
Type seed To sell software, software as a service, cannabis, ERP
Supported platforms Windows, Web, SaaS
TrainingLive, documentation

User opinion

Strimo is a comprehensive platform that allows users to effectively manage various aspects of their cannabis business, including cultivation, processing, compliance, cost accounting, and inventory management.

Experiences with the management team, citing issues with communication and overall management being unsatisfied. The software helps with compliance, tracking inventory and production, and managing customer relationships.


What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant that contains psychoactive compounds known as cannabinoids. These compounds can produce mind-altering effects when consumed.

Why does Cannabis need a unique set of regulations in its business?

Cannabis needs unique regulations because cannabis is a unique product. The cannabis plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds that interact with our bodies in unique ways.
Each cannabinoid has its own set of potential benefits and drawbacks, which means that the regulation of cannabis products must be particular to ensure public safety.

What are the different forms of Cannabis?

Cannabis comes in many forms: Flower buds, concentrates, edibles, etc. Each form requires a specific set of regulations to ensure that consumers receive accurate information about their buying.


In conclusion, cannabis ERP systems are dedicated software solutions used to oversee and improve the various aspects of the cannabis sector.

Cannabis ERP software covers tasks ranging from ensuring compliance and managing inventory to handling sales and distribution, all aimed at promoting efficient and regulatory-compliant operations.

These systems are instrumental in aiding cannabis enterprises steer past the regulatory environment while enhancing their overall efficiency. When choosing a cannabis ERP system, be sure to consider the features that are most important to your business.

Some of the top providers of cannabis ERP software include 365 Cannabis, flourish software, Strimo, etc. We hope this blog post has helped you learn essential facts about the cannabis ERP system!