DAY 8 includes Steps involved in successful open source ERP training in an organization.

In DAY 7 you mastered the installation and implementation process of your ERP software. If you have not yet familiar with that, please go back to DAY 7 and complete it …

This is T of S -> I -> T -> E methodology.

The purpose of the Training Plan is to describe the processes and timeline by which training will be delivered to all users.

All users, trainers, and support personnel will need training and resources at different levels. Comprehensive training is a critical requirement for all. Training in different modules needs careful planning and scheduling.

Several levels and types of training are required and will be scheduled at the appropriate times during the implementation period.

Different levels at which training is required.

  •  Technical Training.
  • Functional Area Training for Modules Team Leads.
  • End-User Training.

S-I-T-E approach training will be delivered using a process including user guides, and online resources.

Methods used to communicate training will be e-mail, website, etc.


  • Project Training Schedule
  • Open Source ERP User Guides
  • Job Aids/User Documentation
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Online Workshops
  • Training Materials
  • Online Help
  • FAQs

Have any common questions?
You will get answers for common questions about ERP training here

ERP training FAQ

To create a detailed training plan follow this URL

ERP Training Plan

Now we are familiar with the training plan for ERP system…Now move on to Expanding your solution for your business in DAY 9 …

Expand Your Business With Custom ERP Software!

Table of Contents

Intro  – 10 DAY ERP Training Introduction: The BIG Picture

Day 1  – Definition Of ERP, Master The ALL-Important ERP Basics

Day 2  – SITE Open Source ERP Methodology

Day 3,4& 5- DEFINE Business Needs And Get a Shortlist of ERP Software Solution.

Day 6 – Select Free Business ERP Software For You

Day 7 – Open Source ERP Implementation Process Guide.

Day 9 – Own Custom ERP Software For You Business!

Day 10 – Post ERP Implementation Support