Libertya ERP Details

The below article discloses the unique information about libertya ERP. Find its pricing, features, advantages, and supports&services also.

Libertya ERP

What is Libertya ERP?

It is a free, open-source ERP that runs on multiple platforms. It offers two types of solutions.

Libertya CORPORATE – For medium and large companies, Libertya CORPORATE is designed. You can quickly adapt and customize the software as per your organization’s requirements. All functions are freely available.

Libertya PYME is the preset version of Libertya ERP and is suitable for startups and small businesses. All functions will be available freely in the solution.

Libertya Pricing

It is available entirely free of charge.

Support and Services

It provides technical support via wiki libertya and a libertya forum. It also provides a youtube channel, Google+ page, and LinkedIn group. All these resources are entirely available freely.

Libertya offers premium service that includes

  • On-demand support – You can get help or advice from senior consultants of Libertya.
  • Premium support – If you hire premium support, you can eventually make inquiries and resolve the problems.
  • Libertya cloud – You will get Libertya PYME directly ‘in the cloud.’ It provides the highest security with premium support.


  • Product Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Account
  • Treasury
  • Integration with other applications
  • Price Management
  • Sales and Account Receivable Management
  • Management of suppliers and accounts payable
  • Social ERP
  • Fixed Assets


  • It offers zero-cost licenses with unlimited users.
  • The customer company can ultimately hold the implementation process without a maintenance agreement.
  • You can get the product code and related documents at the beginning only.
  • You will have permanent access to a large and dynamic user community.


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  • TallyPrime
  • HRMantra
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  • Crest ERP

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