Libertya ERP Details (Features, Pros, and Cons)

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Libertya ERP

Selecting one ERP solution over another can be difficult, especially when so many options are available. However, we are here with Libertya ERP solution, which can be an option for organizations looking in this space because it has features that make the system easy to use while also being able to accommodate your business needs with its flexibility and capability.

This blog post will complete an explanation of libertya ERP by explaining its advantages and limitations you need to consider before making any decisions on whether or not to adopt their services.

Latest release: 19.07

What is Libertya ERP?

Libertya is a free ERP software with all functionality, as this multi-platform technology can customize easily according to your requirement.

  • The framework is designed to integrate any pre-existing software ecosystem easily. 
  • It can scale and adapt as your company grows or needs change.
  • No limit of users and no cost for the license
  • Documentation and product code are available out of the box.
  • They provide comprehensive training and professional advice
  • Permanent access for dynamic and largescale users

Products and Services of Libertya ERP

Libertya SME

Libertya SME is a platform that can be downloaded and used by small businesses. The pre-configured settings allow users of this program to start up in just minutes, making it easy for entrepreneurs with varying needs across various industries.

Libertya Corporate

The software has official versions for LINUX and WINDOWS, but it can also be installed on other operating systems because it is developed with J2EE technology.

Premium services

It provides three types of services


Premium support

Libertya cloud

Services Training

This provides training courses in technical, internal designing, data modeling, programming, and product operations.

Technical courses(With tariff)

Programming courses(With tariff)

Libertya Pricing

Need to contact them directly


Product Management

  • Grouping family and subfamily
  • Allocation of accounts
  • Managing price list of products
  • Valuation of stock according to the price list
  • Associating the files, images

Warehouse Management

  • Managing the multiple locations and branches
  • Maintaining the stock entry
  • Managing the purchase orders
  • Transfer of goods and inventory control


  • Automatic generation of accounting
  • Maintaining the financial reports
  • Importing accounting entries and unlimited accounting of entries


  • Bank reconciliation
  • Statement of accounts
  • Projection of payments
  • Multi-currency management
  • Managing reports of balances, current accounts of
  • financial institutions

Integration with other applications

  • Android mobile access
  • Suite CRM
  • Interface with predefined web services

Price Management

  • Multiple and configurable prices
  • Effective dates of price list
  • Historical cost management

Sales and Account Receivable Management

  • Customer registration and grouping by affinity
  • Discount scheme for customer, entry, and authorization order
  • Entry and generation of customer orders and invoices
  • Assigning the VAT rate per item and maintaining the VAT book

Management of suppliers and accounts payable

  • Registration of Purchase orders and entry on PO
  • Registration of purchase invoices and authorization of invoices to pay
  • Automatic calculation of maturities
  • Payments issuance, advance payments, and withholding on payments
  • Allocation and control of expenses
  • VAT Book purchases

Social ERP

  • Conversation with transactions and documents
  • Associating the PDS or images to transactions
  • Provides notifications to users via Email

Fixed Assets

  • Inventory of fixed assets
  • Amortization

Some screenshots of Libertya ERP

Libertya Tranferencias
Libertya Menu
Libertya Menu List
Libertya Banko
Libertya Bncario
Libertya articulous
Libertya articulous list
Libertya administration

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It offers zero-cost licenses with unlimited users.
  • The customer company can ultimately hold the implementation process without a maintenance agreement.
  • You can get the product code and related documents at the beginning only.
  • You will have permanent access to a large and dynamic user community.


  • Training will be carried out according to the level of partnership
  • You need to have basic knowledge of Linux and database management
  • Difficult to manage without virtual training


  • NetSuite
  • TallyPrime
  • HRMantra
  • Keka
  • MyClassCampas
  • Crest ERP


What are the technical supports of Libertya?

Libertya ERP provides its users with a complete Libertya Wiki section and a Libertya Forum to exchange knowledge. You can also find explanatory videos on the YouTube channel and exchange information in the Linkedin group or the Google+ page. All of these resources are available free of charge.

For what type of companies is Libertya recommended?

Libertya can be installed in companies of all sizes, types, and sectors. Its highly scalable design can be used in one-person businesses and multinational organizations. In addition, Libertya’s customization capacity makes it perfect for adapting to the needs of each particular company.


We hope this post has given you a comprehensive overview of Libertya ERP and how it can benefit your business. It’s now up to you to decide whether or not it’s the right fit for your needs. Be sure to compare liberty ERP with other similar software options on the market to make sure you’re making the best decision for your business. Thanks for reading!

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