BlueSeer ERP Review – (Pricing, Features, Support & More)

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BlueSeer ERP

If you are looking for open-source ERP packages for your business, BlueSeer is the one of them you need!

It is free, and it can handle all of your business needs. In addition, you can customize it to fit your needs.

The below post provides details about BlueSeer ERP, including features, advantages, and implementation.

BlueSeer ERP Features

Latest version: 6.8

What is BlueSeer ERP?

BlueSeer ERP is a free, open-source package written in Java and licensed under the MIT license agreement. It can help businesses manage their business by handling things like inventory, human resources, and finances.

It is also customizable to fit the specific needs of each company. It is specially designed for small to medium-sized businesses but can also work for mid-sized companies. It is available on both Windows and Linux Desktops.

BlueSeer Pricing

It is entirely free, open-source ERP software. You need not pay for this software.


It helps customers to implement the software freely. It also provides developmental services to customers to customize the software to their business needs.

Supports and Services

BlueSeer provides long-term and short-term support plans according to the level of support expected by the customer. Customers can also get training and consultation services from them.

Support may be needed because,

  • The learning curve is steep, and it may take some time to get up to speed
  • It is not always easy to find information or documentation on how to use the system, especially when you are online searching on your own if you are stuck.

(For more updates, you need to contact them directly).

BlueSeer ERP Features

Some of the features include:

  • Accounting
    • Provides Double-entry General Ledger and
    • Account Payable & Account Receivable
  • Production
    • Helps to track the products and take the reports
  • Sales and Quotes
    • Streamlines sales, shipping, and distribution
    • It helps to take many types of reports to do sales analysis
  • Purchasing
    • Provides automatic inventory adjustments
  • Scanning
    • Provides barcode scanning functionality
    • Integrates with Zebra and other ZPLII printers
    • Supports AIAG shipping label formats
  • EDI(Electronic Data Integration) and API
    • Standard API and EDI with functional EDI mapping tool for ANSI X12, FlatFile, JSON, and XML formats.
  • Freight management
    • Allows to manage customer freight orders, driver scheduling, and EDI integration
  • Multilingual
    • It offers the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, and Arabic.
  • Scheduling
    • Helps to create job tickets and does efficient planning for job schedules
  • MRP
    • It ingrates with purchasing, production, and shipping
    • Helps to track the inventory and order requirements
  • Inventory control
    • Synchronized transactions between production, receiving, shipping, and miscellaneous inventory adjustments
  • HR (Human Resource)/PR/Time clock
    • Tracks employee benefits, wages, hours, activities, training, and Department association
Blueseer ERP Features

Some Screenshots of Blueseer Features

Blueseer Employee Maintenance

Blueseer Employee Maintenance

Blueseer Expense Browse

Blueseer Expense Browse

Blueseer Purchase Order

Blueseer Purchase Order

Benefits of BlueSeer

  • It is a free and open-source
  • It is customizable to fit your needs
  • Developers created it with over 20 years of experience in the software industry who wanted to give back something they loved to do
  • It is a comprehensive ERP system that handles all your business needs.
  • Basic things are easy to use and learn.

If you are looking for a free and open-source ERP package for your small to medium-sized business, It is the solution for you!

How to get started with BlueSeer ERP?

If you are interested in getting started with it, please visit the BlueSeer website for more information. The BlueSeer team is happy to help you get started with this powerful and free ERP system!

Alternatives of BlueSeer ERP


BlueSeer ERP is an entirely free package for small to medium-sized businesses. It can handle your business needs, including inventory management, human resources management, financial management, etc.

It is also customizable to fit the specific requirements of each user’s company.

You can contact their Official website if you need any help or support.

If you want to build, install, and run the application, download it from the GitHub source code location.

You can find more open-source ERP software similar to BlueSeer here.

Hoping this post was helpful for you, thanks for reading!