The below post gives details about Blueseer ERP. You can also find its features, advantages, and implementation.

Blueseer ERP

What is Blueseer ERP?

It is a free open-source ERP specially dedicated to manufacturing and small-scale industries. It also serves mid-sized businesses.

Blueseer Pricing

It is fully free open-source ERP software. You need not pay for this software.


Blueseer helps customers to implement the software freely. It also provides developmental services to customers to customize the software as per their business needs.

Supports and Services

Blueseer provides long-term and short-term supporting plans according to the level of support expected by the customer.

Customers can also get training and consultation services from Blueseer.

( For more updates you need to contact Blueseer directly).

Blueseer ERP Features

Blueseer ERP Features
  • Accounting
    • Provides Double-entry General Ledger and
    • Account Payable & Account Receivable
  • MRP
    • It ingrates with purchasing, production, and shipping
    • Helps to track the inventory and order requirements
  • Distribution
    • Provides warehouse module
    • Hepls to assist distribution and inventory between warehouse and shipping location
  • Production
    • Helps to track the products and take the reports
  • Transporation
    • Tendering
    • Freight Orders
    • Delivery status
  • Sales
    • Streamlines sales, shipping, and distribution
    • Helps to take many types of reports to do sales analysis
  • Purchasing
    • Provides automatic inventory adjustments
  • Scanning / EDI(Electronic Data Interchange)
    • Integrated EDI and barcodes

Benefits of Blueseer

  • Low cost
    • You know that it is a free open-source ERP system. Hence even start-ups and small businesses can get this ERP at a very low cost.
  • Highly customizable
    • You can customize this software easily as per your business requirements.
  • Good support and services
    • Blueseer provides an expert team of java developers to implement the software in your company. They implement, customize and maintain the software for you.

Alternatives of Blueseer ERP

You can find more open-source ERP software similar to Blueseer.


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