OpenPro ERP (Pricing, Modules, Alternatives)

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OpenPro ERP

Open-source ERP is a complete, integrated platform that enables the commercial off-the-shelf implementation of typical business applications on-premises.

OpenPro ERP is one of the advanced open-source ERPs and the world’s first web-based ERP solution.

OpenPro offers accounting and business management software for businesses of all sizes and types and cares about their customers and their experience with the software.

This article gives you details about pricing, modules, and alternatives of OpenPro ERP.

What is OpenPro ERP?

OpenPro ERP is a stand-alone ERP platform that offers easy-to-use business solutions to help you meet your business needs, whatever they may be.

Whether your business is online or off, runs one location or several locations, or exists as a service provider to multiple clients, it helps you create a customizable system that meets your needs.

OpenPro empowers you to make fast and informed business decisions.

Webpage of OpenPro

OpenPro ERP Pricing

(As of writing this article, pricing details are as follows. For more updates, refer to its official website)

  • OpenPro ERP offers prices depending on some factors like
    • Type of database
    • Hardware platform
    • The operating system that you run on the hardware platform
    • Number of users on the system at a time
  • It charges extra for labor and maintenance.
  • It offers less than $5000 for 5 users with financial, manufacturing, and supply chain modules.
  • If you use the cloud, the initial price is $44 per user per month
  • If you use on-premise initial cost is $1000 per user, and again you need to pay $1000 per module

OpenPro beneficiaries

Small business organizations: This is an open-source product, so your costs are lower, and most customers see a Return on Investment (ROI) within the first year of use.

As your business grows, OpenPro grows with you. Additional modules can be added when needed. The modules you start with are not “lite” or “limited” versions of existing modules; they are full-featured with no limitations.

Medium business: OpenPro is a good program for medium-sized businesses and for people who need to use it for 10-100 people.

Enterprise ERP: This ERP is hardware and software independent, using the latest technology from

OpenPro cost is reasonable, depending on the number of concurrent users and the modules needed to run your business.

Industries and Marktes: OpenPro software that helps businesses manage their work. Products are easy to use and can help businesses in a bunch of different markets.

Other Information

  • It offers three types of implementation
    • Platinum
    • Gold
    • Silverself
  • It provides different types of database
    • MySQL – Popular open-source database
    • MS SQL – Popular windows server database
    • IBM DB2 – Scalable, fully-featured, user-friendly database
    • ORACLE – Industry standard database
  • OpenPro ERP provides three types of versions.
    • On-demand Cloud Saas – Number of users 1 to 2000. In this version, you will get all the basic modules. But in that module, you need to pay for some features separately. They are payroll, time card management, job costing, HR management, fixed assets( comes under the financial module), warehouse management, barcoding, E.D.I (comes under the distribution module), material requirement planning, capacity requirement planning, master production scheduling(comes under the manufacturing module), utility credit card processing(comes under the e-commerce module), CMMS, information management multi-language/currency (comes under system module)
    • Easy ERP – Number of users 1 to 50. In this version, all basic features are available, and you must pay for some features mentioned above, except credit card processing.
    • Enterprise ERP – Number of users 1 to more than 10,000. You will get all modules and their features.

OpenPro modules

Following are the OpenPro modules

1. Financial

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Fixed Assets
  • Job Cost
  • Payroll Module
  • Human Resource Management
  • Time Card
  • Project Management Contracts
Purcahse Order of OpenPro

2. Distribution

  • Sales Order Entry
  • Order Processing Option
  • E.D.I Overview
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Customer Relation
  • Sales Analysis
  • Retail Point Of Sale
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Inventory Control Management
New Purchase of OpenPro

3. Manufacturing

4. Mobile Applications

  • Mobile Order Entry
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile Purchasing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Retail Point Of Sale
  • Mobile Marketing Programs
  • Mobile Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Applications
  • Service Organizations

5. CRM

  • Sales

6. E-commerce

  • Business to Customer
  • Business to Business
  • Utility Credit Card Processing
eCommerce of OpenPro

7. System

  • Workflow Management
  • Document Imaging
  • Communications
  • Information Management System
  • CMMS
  • Knowledge Base
  • Report Writer
  • Multi-language, Multi-currency
Business Intelligence of OpenPro

What industries does it support?

It supports the following industries.

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Food industry
  • Pharma industry
  • Distribution
  • Government
  • Non-profit
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Cannabis Industry

OpenPro Alternatives

You can find more open-source ERPs similar to Open Pro.


By the end of this blog post, it should be clear that OpenPro is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. It is packed with features yet remains easy to use and modify. The price is also suitable for most budgets. So, if you are looking for an open-source ERP system, we highly recommend giving Openpro a try.