Finding the right software for your growing business can be a difficult process. Between choosing the right solution, integrating it with other systems, and setting it up so that your team is comfortable using it, there are a lot of factors to consider.

However, if you’re looking for scalable, adaptable, and flexible open-source software specifically, Odoo ERP is a good option.

For more information about how Odoo ERP can fit into your business strategy, go through this article.

Odoo ERP Software

What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo is an open-source software suite that helps entrepreneurs save time and money managing their businesses. It’s one of the leading open source ERP, CRM, and business automation tools.

Odoo pricing

Odoo ERP offers 2 types of edition

  1. Community edition – This is fully free of cost. No license cost also. In this version, you will get basic features. But you will not get general features such as unlimited Functional Support, Upgrade to a newer version, Better Hosting Facility, Unlimited bug fixing. 
  2. Enterprise Edition – This is a paid version. In this edition, you will get all the features of the community edition along with extra features.

If you want a community edition, then all the basic features are free for unlimited users.

If you want to go for Enterprise edition, then pricing details are as follows (as of writing this article, for more updates refer to its official website)

  • Annual subscription
    • $8 USD per user per month
    • $6 USD per user per month if you are a new customer
  • Monthly subscription
    • $10 USD per user per month
    • $7.5 per user per month if you are a new user

Odoo ERP Advantages

  • Odoo is a python-based open-source enterprise management software solution that is free to download, use and distribute. 
  • For small business owners who have long struggled with the complexities of maintaining records, managing finances, and coordinating projects with employees, Odoo offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive software systems. 
  • With its intuitive interface and powerful features, it’s easy to set up and get running on your computer or mobile device in just minutes — without any special expertise.
  • With a free community edition and a paid enterprise version of the software available online as well as through partners worldwide, Odoo offers small-business owners the tools they need to grow their business without breaking the bank.

Odoo ERP Disadvantages

  • Insuffiecient Support: You will get support only if you are paid customer. For community version(open-source version) you will not get any support to fix bugs.
  • High training fees: To operate with community edition you need to have good software knowledge. Odoo provides software training classes. But its cost is high.
  • Difficult to maintain: If you choose community edition (which is free) of Odoo, you required to have well IT knowledge because you need to operate it fully without any support from odoo. Otherwise it is difficult to maintain and operate software.
  • Confused pricing format: It provides annual and monthly subscription, other than that it offers seperate charges for applications. These charges are different for different application. That might be confusing.

Other Information about Odoo ERP

  • It offers 3 types of hosting
    • Cloud hosting  (No extra charges)
    • On-premise hosting ( No extra charges)
    • Odoo. sh cloud platform
  • Its implementation services for paid users are
    • Self-service ( You will get functional support and bug fixing support on standard features, 24/5, only in the English language through email)
    • Success packs by odoo( You will get a dedicated consultant)
    • With a local partner
  • Odoo is available in more than 50 languages world wide.
  • Odoo website is available in 11 languages.
  • It is an API friendly software. You can integrate it with many famous apps such as wattsup, Amazon and more than 16,000 third-party apps through its internal app store.
  • It offers software training classes at $125 per class or at $1000 per year.

Odoo ERP modules and its features

This article will take a look at the new features available to you in Odoo Community Edition version 14. I’ll be taking a look at all of the new features, along with some other cool stuff that is available to you

Odoo ERP Modules

1. Finance

  • Invoicing – payments
  • Expenses

2. Sales Management

  • CRM
  • Sales 
  • Point of sale

3. Inventory and MRP

  • Inventory
  • MRP
  • Purchase
  • Maintenance

4. Services

  • Project 
  • Timesheets

5. Human Resource Management

  • Employees 
  • Time off
  • fleet
  • Recruitments

6.Website Builder

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • E-learning
  • Live chat
  • e-commerce 

7. Marketing

  • E-mail marketing
  • surveys
  • Event management
  • SMS marketing

8. Productivity

  • Discuss
  • Notes- calendar

What are the industries does Odoo support?

It supports industries such as

  • Auto Mobile
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Sector
  • Trading company
  • Marketing
  • Education sector
  • Health Care
  • Apparel
  • E-Commerce
  • Solar
  • Real Estate

Alternatives for Odoo Open source ERP

  • ERPNext
  • Dolibarr
  • Espo CRM
  • Crust CRM
  • Tryton
  • ZenTao
  • InoERP
  • Flectra
  • Suite CRM
  • Vtiger CRM

You can find more open-source ERP software similar to Odoo.


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