Acumatica ERP Reviews (Pricing, Implementation, and Limitations)

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Acumatica Cloud ERP offers best-in-class functionality for small and mid-sized businesses to thrive in the digital economy.

Top distribution companies such as ISS, ToffeIn, and MIE use Acumatica software for their business operations.

You can try out the software for free before purchasing, knowing it’s the right fit for your business. And with its cloud-based platform, you can access your data from anywhere at any time.

Read the article to learn more about Acumatica cloud ERP software, including its implementation, pricing, features, benefits, and limitations.

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New version: Acumatica 2024 R1 beta
Release date: 20th March 2024

What is Acumatica?

The Acumatica Cloud ERP provides best-in-class features for small and mid-sized businesses to succeed in the digital economy.

It includes a full range of business management applications and comes with open APIs, which makes integrating with other software quick and easy.

The licensing charges are based on the number of resources used instead of the number of users, and its platform is designed to be future-proof, enabling flexibility, efficiency, and remote collaboration for growing businesses.

The modern platform provides native mobility to access applications on any device, anytime, anywhere, with open connectivity and low-code and no-code personalization, integration, and customization.

Featuring embedded artificial intelligence with machine learning, tailored workflows, and robust reporting and business intelligence, Acumatica ERP is the solution of choice for more than 8,000 companies globally.

Embedded business intelligence applications include Acumatica Reporting, Generic Inquiries, Dashboards, and BI and Analytics via Microsoft Power BI.

Webpage of Acumatica
Web Page
Acumatica ERP

Acumatica Pricing

This complete cloud ERP solution offers a different pricing system than other cloud ERP solutions. Instead of providing a ‘per user’ or ‘number of users’ model, it offers prices only for the computing resources features.

You can add casual users, suppliers, and clients without paying additional license charges. Two types of licenses provided by Acumatica are SaaS subscriptions and private cloud subscriptions.

You can get custom pricing by filling out the form available on its official site. Acumatica pricing depends on four factors. They are deployment options, size of the business, support level, and industry editions.

Pricing of Acumatica


It offers three types of implementation.

Private cloud deploymentIn this type, customers can deploy the software on-premise via a committed channel with a selected cloud-hosting vendor.
Private perpetual deploymentIn this type, customers’ responsibilities of installation, implementation, and maintenance of the software will be handled by an experienced, full-time cloud host such as Amazon Web Services.
Software-as-a-service deployment (SaaS) In this type, customers’ all responsibilities of installation, implementation, and maintenance of the software will be handled by an experienced, full-time cloud host such as Amazon Web Services.


Real-time insights

This is a cloud-based system with instant updates for partners and customers. In addition, 24/7 information is available regardless of time limitations, making it the perfect fit if you’re looking to modernize your business’s accounting processes!

Future proof platform

This is an excellent solution with flexible deployments and streamlined integration. You will also get seamless collaboration and AI-powered automation drives. It provides solutions for Sales modules, purchase modules, CRM, e-commerce, etc.

Customer-friendly licensing

Licensed under flexible plans with transparent pricing, you will never be charged extra simply because of your size or need! Adding additional users is a great facility available in Acumatica.

Acumatica Solutions

It provides solutions for five main industries.

1. Construction Management Software

  • Construction management
  • Project accounting
  • Service management
  • Equipment management
  • Financial management
  • Payroll management
  • CRM
  • ERP business intelligence and analytics
  • WorkWave route optimization

2. Distribution Management Software

  • Inventory Management
  • Sales order management
  • Purchase order management
  • Requisition management
  • Warehouse management system
  • Order management
  • Service management
  • Financial management
  • CRM
  • POS
  • Commerce connectors
  • ERP business intelligence and analytics

3. Manufacturing Management Software

  • Bill of Materials and Routing
  • Product Management
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Manufacturing Data Collection
  • Engineering Change Control
  • Estimating
  • Product Configurator
  • Acumatica for Arena Native Connector
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Service Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Project Accounting
  • Advanced Financial

4. Retail Management Software

  • Commerce connectors
  • Sales order management
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting, Dashboards, and data analysis toolkit
  • Warehouse management system
  • CRM
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Financial management
  • ERP business intelligence and analytics

5. Service Industry Software

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Inventory planning
  • Resource scheduling
  • Route optimization
  • Warranty management
  • Equipment management
  • Self-service portal
  • Enterprise-wide integrations

Some screenshots of Acumatica

Payables of Acumatica
Sales Orders Details By Inventory Items of Acumatica
Production Manager Dashboard of Acumatica
Production Orders
Finance of Acumatica
Construction Project Management of Acumatica
Construction Project Management
Commerce Sync Monitoring of Acumatica
Commerce Sync Monitoring

Supports and Services

It supports its customers through.

  • Live Chat
  • Webinar Recordings
  • Community forums
  • Online knowledge base
  • News and Blogs


  • You can extend your business market internationally with multiple entities, multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-company capabilities.
  • It streamlines operations by providing real-time data visibility.
  • It provides easy data migration.
  • You can monitor financial, marketing, sales, and service processes by providing a 360-degree view.
  • Provides real-time reports to quickly compare the actual project costs and revised budgets and get accurate billing.
  • You can access the software everywhere and on every device.

Acumatica Limitations

  • It does not have a long history. Compared to other cloud ERP solutions, it is new to the customer.
  • You may get confused about its pricing because it offers resource-based or feature-based licenses instead of several user-based licenses.
  • You may face difficulty implementing the software because of its various features and customization options.
  • Complex administration because of multiple third-party integrations and customization.
  • Features for tracking warranty items are unavailable.
  • Absence of rich text like bullet points, spacing, and descriptive texting in customer-facing documents such as invoices and quotes.

What Industries Does It Support?

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Industries
  • Retail
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Construction
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Property Management
  • Transportation
  • Chemicals
  • Education
  • Equipment Rental
  • Government Contractors
  • Non Profit
  • Telecommunication
  • Travel and Hospitality



  • FSC Lighting
  • Bob Davis Sales
  • BLD Brands LLC
  • Korpack
  • Soundcast LLC
  • Wholesale Furniture Brokers
  • DDB Unlimited

User opinion

The application is easy to use and implements new solutions or workflows. The Acumatica team’s transition to a new system has been seamless and convenient. You can access software from anywhere in the world, which means there is no need to limit where or when work can get done!


If you are in the market for an ERP system and want to read reviews before deciding, check out our blog post. It provided details on pricing, implementations, and more. You can also see how much Acumatica costs from real users.

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