Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) is a system that helps to track the resources of a manufacturing unit for smooth production. It helps in optimally allocating raw materials and production capacity to meet the demand.

It takes into consideration all the major production factors including people, machines, inventory, and costs.

APS ensures an appropriate balance between raw materials and the production processes of the business. It is an important division of supply chain management.

How can APS enhance your business?

  • It generates realistic reports that will help in analyzing the production capacity of the unit and accordingly plan the next course of action
  • Helps in understanding the production and listing out the required raw materials to ensure a smooth working production of the system.
  • It helps in streamlining the inventory system of the business and make it more efficient.
  • Assists in improving the time management system by analyzing and interpreting the time consumed for each process.
  • Designing a real-time data system that captures the time and the resources required. Improves the delivery time and in delighting the customers with prompt services.

Five Ms of APS

  1. Money
  2. Material
  3. Man
  4. Machine
  5. Methods

Mathematical applications used in advanced planning and scheduling

  • Linear programming
  • Constraint-based programming
  • Heuristics and algorithms

APS can offer solutions to various issues that a company might face in a course of time and also can boost the customer service system. With the help of APS, a company can formulate accurate strategies by clearly defining the market demand and how the production can gear up to capture a bigger share of the market with adequate supplies.

It will help the business to make crucial decisions about business expansion by analyzing the company’s production capacity and sales forecasting. It can help the company to study all aspects of the business from manufacturing to distribution and then schedule the production accordingly.

The advanced planning and scheduling software systems

There are various APS software solutions available both in the commercial and open-source variations.

One of the open-source APS software available for the Supply chain is Frepple.

Most of the modern cloud ERP solutions are either available with APS functionalities or they can be integrated with external advanced planning and scheduling systems.

A few of the popular APS systems available are, PlannningForce, Cybertech, Dynasys, Oritames, Orchestrate, Optessa, and Delfoi.


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