Microsoft Dynamics GP – An Overview

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Cloud ERP is one of the essential ERP technologies currently available. It replaces hard drives and tape drives in your company’s computer systems.

This post gives comprehensive details about Microsoft Dynamics GP, its pricing, features, and limitations.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Cloud ERP

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP Cloud ERP is a set of enterprise business software designed to help small and medium-sized companies.

The ERP platform has been deployed by hundreds of thousands of businesses across more than 150 countries worldwide.

It is used by many top companies, including some of the largest tech companies in the world.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Pricing

Dynamics GP is usually sold through third-party. Hence its price may vary as per the vendor and the features that you have chosen.

Dynamics GP provides two types of license

Subscription license and Perpetual license

Price package for a perpetual license

Perpetual clients pay a one-time fee for the license ( up to 3 users). If users are more than 3, the client needs to pay for each user.

Each user’s fees are as follows.

  • Full – $3000
  • Limited – $600
  • Self-service – $60

It is categorized users into three types

  1. Full – Has access to create and edit information
  2. Limited – Has access only to view
  3. Self-service – Has access to non-business tasks

Starter Pack – $5000

  • It offers a financial module and distribution module
  • U.S and Canadian Payroll and Human Resource Module
  • Gives access to three users with creating and editing data access
  • Available in Frech, Canadian, Latin American, Spanish, and English languages

Extended Pack – $10,000

  • It gives all the features of the starter pack
  • Gives extended financial module
  • Gives extended distribution module

Customization Pack – $6000

  • Integrates Dynamic GP with ISVs

Human Resource and Payroll Add-on – $7000

  • Provides advanced Human Resource and Payroll Module

Price package for a Subscription license

Subscription clients pay a monthly fee for each user. Its starter pack and extended pack vary between $140 to $240 per user per month, depending on the third party.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation

You will get dynamics GP software through authorized vendors. They only plan, implement, and customize the software and provide support to the customer.

Some vendors offer a 30-days free trial also.

Companies can deploy the software either on-premise or cloud.

On-premise deployment – In this type of deployment initial setup charge is more. But customers can access data without an internet connection provided server maintenance and backups.

Cloud deployment – In this type of deployment, initial setup costs are less and server maintenance also not needed. But to access data, an internet connection is required.

Supports and Services

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers three types of support plans

  1. Enhancement plan
    1. It gives access to training modules and online materials
    2. Provides access to the new version, service packs, and hotfixes
    3. Provides Microsoft Dynamics life cycle services and license mobility
  2. Advantage plan
    1. It includes all the features of the enhancement plan
    2. Community forum engineers will respond to the queries
    3. The support team will solve six issues per year via phone or email
    4. Response time will be within 3 hours
  3. Advantage plus plan
    1. It includes all the features of the advantage plan
    2. You will get solutions for unlimited issues
    3. Response time will be within 2 hours
    4. You will get 24/7 technical support

Microsoft Dynamics GP Modules

Microsoft Dynamics provides modules as per the pricing packages.

Available modules in the Starter package

  • Financial Management
    • General Ledger
    • Analytical accounting
    • Receivable management
    • Acceptable management
    • Cashflow management
    • Fixed asset management
    • Capability to refund checks
  • Business Intelligence
    • Unlimited management reporter designer user and viewer user
    • Analysis and advanced analysis cube library
  • Human Resource Management
    • Human resource unlimited users
    • Payroll( the U.S and Canada) total users
    • Employee profile and pay
    • Human resource time management
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Inventory control
    • Invoicing
    • BOM
    • Purchase order processing
    • Order management
    • Sales order processing
    • PO generation
    • Project time and expense

Available modules in Extended Package

  • All modules of starter packages along with that
  • Business intelligence
    • Unlimited Microsoft forecaster
  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing
  • Project management
    • Project accounting
  • Customer relationship management
    • Contract Administration
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Service call management
    • Depot management

Available modules in the Customization package

  • Integration suite
  • Customization suite

Available modules in HR and payroll add-on

  • HR and payroll advanced
  • Self-service benefits

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Boosts Productivity offers flexible, easily implemented workflows and collaborative business intelligence.
  • Helps to connect all your business processes – It allows you to have and use social software tools to develop your business. In addition, it helps to eradicate useless obstacles to productivity by connecting all business processes and keeping them streamlined.
  • Exclusive Reporting – This software’s good reporting and collaborating abilities allow you to have the necessary information to make business decisions.
  • Streamlines financial management process with business – The software allows you to alter the financial management process as per your business needs. That helps in the reduction of time on routine work.
  • Provides real-time data – Integration of modules allows you to enter accurate data and one-time data. Hence you get real-time data throughout the company, and you can enhance your decision-making.
  • Reduces training time and expenses – It ingrates with familiar applications like MS Word, MS Excel, and Outlook. Hence the employees can learn to work with the software efficiently without much training.

Microsoft Dynamics GP disadvantages

  • Server maintenance costs and hardware costs of Dynamics GP are very high.
  • You will not get advanced features such as data analysis and mobile accessibility.
  • You will not get warehousing and budgeting functionalities.
  • A compatible platform to access add-ons is not available.

What industries does it support?

It supports industries such as

  • Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Public Sector
  • Financial Services

Microsoft Dynamics GP Alternatives

Microsoft Dynamics GP Alternatives


  • Greenergy Fuels Limited
  • Tesla. Inc
  • Cox Media Group
  • Kingfisher Plc.
  • Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
  • Credit One Bank
  • Essen BioScience
  • CirclePix
  • Chatham Financial

You can find ERP Vendors similar to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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