Epicor ERP Review (Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons)

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Epicor ERP

Nowadays, cloud ERP is changing the way we do business. With the introduction of cloud ERP solutions, companies can manage their entire information in one place and streamline the flow of information from one end of the organization to another.

It’s no wonder that Epicor ERP has been chosen as the leading cloud ERP provider for distribution and manufacturing businesses.

This article provides Epicor ERP reviews; you will get all the information about Epicore ERP, including its features, implementation, support, services, and alternatives.

New version: Epicor 10.2.700

Released date: November 18, 2020

What is Epicor ERP?

Epicor ERP is a complete ERP software that helps you transform your existing infrastructure into an efficient, enterprise-grade solution.

That means you’ll be able to manage and streamline the entire process of managing your business. Kinetic is the new name for Epicor ERP. It is a multi-tenant cloud solution.

Webpage of Epicor

Features of Epicor Kinetic

Below are the updated features of Epicor ERP

Employee experience

  • Integrated social network
  • Easy communication between workers 
  • Better work in the team with voice recognition
  • Easy to understand and follow

Customer focus

  • Give B2B buyers a B2C experience.
  • All in one place platform, managing territories, team forecast contacts customers, and leads.
  • Visual CPQ helps you to put together products faster, even if they are complex.

Manufacturing operations

  • Increases automation and insights
  • Tracks the work in progress for the given time 
  • Improves the technical data process

Global supply chain management

  • It helps to see multiple sites simultaneously, and more than one company can use this capability.
  • Scale globally with extensive country-specific functionality
  • Use the advanced EDI software to make transactions faster and easier to see.

Financial management

  • It helps to have control and better financial visibility.
  • Manages accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger.
  • Provides multi-site, multi-currency options.

Business intelligence and analytics

  • Quick response to detailed data
  • Turn data into actionable insights
  • Monitoring the production 

Service and asset

  • This software helps companies provide good customer service with fewer employees and provides a way to see potential risks and compliance issues.
  • Using mobile devices helps teams stay connected even when they’re not in the same location. This can help projects get done more quickly.

Risk compliance

  • With comprehensive design-to-retire PLM, you can meet audit tracking and documentation requirements.
  • Advanced user roles and security settings can help you control who can see and use your information.
  • Simplifies regulatory compliance

Product management

  • Collaborative product lifecycle management (PLM) is a process that helps companies manage the development of products from start to finish.
  • Make product data management processes digital and store product data in one central location.
  • Creates three-dimensional models, images, and drawings that you can share with others.

Epicor ERP Pricing

Epicor does not give pricing information. You need to contact them directly to get pricing information.


The Epicor ERP implementation process is divided into five sections.

Prepare In this beginning stage, the consultant team of Epicor lines up the implementation plan expectations with the software suite of the customer company.
PlanIn this stage, the team establishes the project foundation by creating a blueprint that includes resource, system, and time requirements per the customer company’s budget and needs.
DesignIn this stage, the company’s project team starts using the software and documents to check whether the system meets its business needs and goals or not.
ValidateIn this stage, validation of the system takes place. The customer company ensures that all its business procedures are documented accurately and business processes flow correctly through the system.
DeployIn this stage, the Epicor consultant team trains end-users and helps the customer company develop its plans.

While moving from one stage to another, a series of inputs, tools, and techniques will be used.

Supports and Services

Epicor Software provides support through service centers that are located all around the world. These service centers offer support for both On-premise and Cloud deployment.

It offers additional support through an online support portal, EpicCare, and Epicor University.

Epicor Software is a cloud-hosted customer support portal. It provides support as per customer feedback.

Epicor University supports the customer by providing complete training tools.

Available Modules in Epicor Kinetic Platform

Modules Of Epicor ERP

Production management

  1. Social collaboration
  2. Mobile workers
  3. Business intelligence

Sales management

  1. Estimation and Quotation management
  2. Demand management
  3. Order management
  4. Customer connection

Planning and scheduling

  1. Forecasting
  2. Demand planning
  3. Material requirement planning
  4. Scheduling and HR management

Supply chain management

  1. Purchase management
  2. Demand and inventory management
  3. Shipping and warehouse management

Product management

  1. Technical data management
  2. BOM management
  3. Kinetic Integration
  4. CAD data and multi-CAD management

Some Screenshots of Epicor modules

Epicor Quality
Quality dashboard
Epicor Production
Production dashboard
Epicor Orders Quotes
Orders, Quotes
Epicor product
Product ranking
Epicor ERP
Epicor order

Advantages of Kinetic

  • It provides modules to handle your business processes, from accounting to Customer relationship management and project management to HR. In addition, this software allows you to choose the module you want.
  • It provides a fully-featured accounting and financial management module. With its help, you can take various reports and statements.
  • The built-in tools are good for alerts, business process management, dashboards, and screen customization.


  • Its implementation and customization are complex.
  • It needs an expert team/user to maintain the software.
  • You may not get support on time.
  • Users expect better UI for cloud-solution
  • It’s hard to find traces in the new Epicor ERP
  • Reporting runs slowly
  • The shop floor data collection screen Is not intuitive
  • HRM should be improved and integrated with financial and HR application

What Industries Does It Support?

Epicor is mainly dedicated to manufacturing and distribution.

Epicor for manufacturing

Under manufacturing, it supports the following businesses

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Automotive
  • Electronics and High tech
  • Fabricated Metals
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Medical Devices
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Rubber and Plastics

Epicor for distribution

Under distribution, it helps businesses such as

  • Consumer Goods
  • Electrical
  • Fasteners
  • HVAC
  • Industrial
  • Irrigation
  • Janitorial
  • Medical Supply
  • Paper and Packaging
  • Petroleum
  • Plumbing business
  • Tiles
  • Welding, Pipes
  • Valves and Fittings

Apart from these two industries, it also serves the Retail sector and Lumber and Building materials.

Epicor ERP Alternatives

Following are a few top Alternatives for Epicor ERP.

Epicor Kinetic Customers

  • PhRMA
  • BHP Groups
  • Reece Group
  • Syneos Health
  • Boral Roofing Pvt. Ltd
  • Hallmark Building Supplies Inc.
  • Omega Plastics
  • AIM Aerospace


What is the difference between SAP and Epicor?

The SAP software allows only certain named users to access it, while the Epicor software allows anyone to use it at any given time. That means SAP offers a named user-based license, but Epicor offers support based on the system’s number of users.


Epicor ERP is a revolutionary software that will change your business. It has been designed to provide value and convenience while being easy to use for any industry or company size!

With its powerful features like kinetic mode – which allows users to access their data in seconds instead of waiting minutes when using other platforms. The program’s versatility makes it one not to be overlooked by marketers looking forward to tomorrow.


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  2. Official Documentation