Open Source ERP Definition

We can put Open Source ERP Definition like this, Open source ERP systems are often targeted to enterprises whose requirements are not covered by standard software. Similar circumstances apply to organizations that need continuous adaption of the software to changing processes and needs.
“There is no inherent reason open source ERP cannot provide very rich functionality and scale well.”
Bernard GoldenCEO, Navica Inc.

If we understand what is open source than we can make out what open source ERP really is.

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Definition Of Open Source.

Open source ERP exhibits following characteristics …

  1. redistribution, including selling or using as component without fee.
  2. The Source code must be available in readable form.
  3. Derived work must be allowed under the same license conditions.
  4. Integrity of the author’s source code (licenses may require that modifications are redistributed only as patches).
  5. No discrimination against persons or groups.
  6. No discrimination against fields of endeavor.
  7. Distribution of license (license applies to all whom the program is redistributed to, closing up software is forbidden).
  8. License must not be specific to a product.
  9. License must not restrict other software.
  10. License must be technology neutral.

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