Your DAY 1 goal is to understand all ERP basics.

ERP is the short form for Enterprise Resource Planning.

“Software solution that addresses the enterprise needs taking the process view of an organization to meet the organizational goals tightly integrating all functions of an enterprise.”

Today’s Action Steps

Build the foundation of your ERP system knowledge right now.
How? By absorbing, then living, these All-Important Basics…

  1. Getting a clear definition of ERP software.
  2. Knowing about History of ERP systems.
  3. Getting important ERP solution related terms.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a term used to describe a software system providing multiple application modules to run a business in the areas of Financial Management, Logistics, Manufacturing, Human Resources, and extended supply chain operations.

More Definition Of ERP Software Systems …

History of ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the evolution of Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP) II. From a business perspective, ERP has expanded from the coordination of manufacturing processes to the integration of enterprise-wide back end processes. From a technological aspect, ERP has evolved from legacy implementation to more flexible tiered client-server architecture.

More On History Of ERP

Open source ERP systems are often targeted to enterprises whose requirements are not covered by standard software. Similar circumstances apply to organizations that need continuous adaption of the software to changing processes and needs.

More On What Is Open Source And Open Source ERP?

To know the definitions of ERP related terms please look into ERP dictionary.

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Open Source ERP Implementation Methodology.

Table of Contents

Intro  – 10 DAY ERP Training Introduction: The BIG Picture

Day 2  –  Open Source ERP Methodology

Day 3,4& 5- DEFINE Business Needs And Get a Shortlist of ERP Software Solution.

Day 6 – Select Free Business ERP Software For You

Day 7 – Open Source ERP Implementation Process Guide.

Day 8 – Open Source ERP Training and Teaching Guide.

Day 9 – Own Custom ERP Software For You Business!

Day 10 – Post-ERP Implementation Support

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