Beanworks AP Automation Software (Features, Products, and Pricing)

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You may have many account payable software, but you might be confused about which one is affordable and suitable for your business.

Regarding paying your suppliers, getting the right software can make all the difference. Beanworks account payable software makes it easy to pay your bills quickly and keep track of your expenses. With this software, you’ll be able to manage your payments easily and stay organized. 

Here we are with a discussion of quadient accounts payable by Beanworks. We discuss, what it is, its features, and its pros and cons. We also disclose its accounts receivable features and modules.

What is Quadient by Beanworks?

This software is the most effective account payable, accounts receivable, and cost-friendly software.

  • Reduces the manual data entry
  • Easy follow-up of accounting operations
  • Cost-effective
  • It avoids errors and fraud

Beanworks Pricing


  • Beansprout: Starts for free. For the below other planning prices, you need to contact them directly.
  • Purchase orders
  • Invoices
  • Payments 
  • Expenses


Automate the account payable process

It helps to route the purchase orders, invoices, and approval for the payment orders at the right time to the right person.

Complete and real-time visibility

It provides more efficient ways to manage your finances with accurate reporting and real-time accruals.

Your company’s cash flow is automatically monitored, so you know how much money has been spent on what projects or clients without any interference from yourself.

Cost reduction

AI-powered data entry is much cheaper than manual work.

Real-time AP insights

The ability to see how much time AP will take to approve and pay invoices helps you understand the real position. Dashboards also show this information in an easy format for understanding.

Quadient Beanworks Accounts Payable

Purchase Orders

It controls the overall PO process simplifying the work, reducing time consumption, visualizing the payment, etc.

Purchase Order view of Beanworks
Purchase order
Overview of purchase order Beanworks
Overview of purchase order

Budgetary control

Control how much your department spends by limiting what they can buy and who they can buy from. You can also set budgets for specific managers to keep track of spending.

Matching PO

Speed up approvals and reconciliations with two or 3-way matches. Purchase orders to invoices can automatically match this.

Match to Purchase Order of Beanworks
Match to Purchase Order

Integrated purchase requisition

You can save time by creating direct purchase requisitions in Beanworks and automating the approval process. That will help reduce the number of spreadsheets and duplicate data entries.

Reduces the approval delay

Use the custom approval channels for POs, whether created in Beanworks or imported from your accounting system.

Invoice Automation

Helps to smooth running of invoice approval management and speed up the workflow

Invoice Workflow in Progress of Beanworks
Invoice workflow

Gain accuracy

Invoice automation helps to get accurate and real-time reports. For example, this will help you see how much money you are getting and where it comes from.

Instantly find any device

You can save time by storing your invoices digitally. Then, you can search for them by vendor, GL code, amount, etc.

Reduces the risk

It reduces the AP risks like duplicate entries, errors, fraud, etc. It ensures payment at the right time with the right amount.

Reduce data entry

GL smart coding feature helps to automate code invoices based on earlier invoices.

Easy Integration

Beanworks easily integrates with earlier accounting systems.

Quick digital invoices

With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly batch-scan your paper invoices and automatically split them into separate invoices.

Invoice Details of Beanworks
Invoice details
Invoice Header of Beanworks
Invoice header

Electronic audit trail

Easy to update workflow history with documentation date, comments, steps, etc

Reduces delay

See a summary of how your work is going. That will help you see where there are delays in the process so that you can fix them. You can also see a dashboard with all your legal entities.

Payment Automation

Automating the payment process can reduce time consumption, Eliminates duplicate payments, and takes overall control.


This software helps to connect your accounting system to your bank account and pay from bank to vendor. 

Instant payment

This automatically matches the invoices, payments, purchase orders, and backup documents, helping to generate instant payments.

Payment details Workflow of Beanworks
Payment details

The payment method choice

Cost-effective e-checks, ACH, and virtual credit cards can be used.

Expense Management

Real-time expense management to improve your AP workflow.

Gain visibility

Creates expense report anytime from anywhere

Speedy approval

No delay in approval with online and mobile access

Integrates with ERP

Expense reports automatically transform into invoices, so easy to sync with other ERPs.

Save time

Create categories for your expense receipts that match your team’s accounting codes. This is easier for them to code the receipts automatically.

Quadient Beanworks Account Receivable

Quadient AR is the latest tool in our line of innovative solutions to streamline your collection process, cut down manual work and reduce the number of days to collect the payment (Days sales outstanding). Some of the AR features are as below.


Credit assessment

They have good customer relationships and offer customizable buying power and credit options. They also work with credit rating partners to calculate customer creditworthiness.

History of CRM In one place

You can get all the information on customer conversations, payments, and collections which helps internal coordination and strategic thinking.

Flexible payment options

Customers will have more options to pay and have control over the payment.


AR Dashboard

The dashboard is designed for your day-to-day AR management and board data management. It provides real-time DSO, Payment prediction, Automated collection activity, Dynamic current AR aging, etc.

Business intelligence module

This module creates powerful custom reports for better business decisions. It customizes the messages in seconds and powerful presentations with graphs and charts—auto email notifications for scheduling the reports and combining reports in the dashboard.

Advanced credit module

This module helps to mitigate credit risk and drive reliable sales.

This module helps to better business planning, forecast customer behavior, and onboard new customers.

AR collection management

They use data from your ERP, CRM, and other data sources to keep you updated in real-time. So you will always have the latest information.

Automated communication

They automate sending communications to people who owe you money, such as reminders to pay, invoices, and payment requests. 

This way, you can be more productive without needing more resources. And better communications will lead to faster payments.

Supported Industries

  • Financial service
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Public sector and government
  • Tele communication
  • Utilities
  • Service providers


  • Flexible workflow
  • Able to manage a multi-company or locations
  • Digital storage and unlimited users
  • Easy implementation and mobile-friendly


  • Some users are finding difficulty in integration. Sometimes, it breaks and needs to be repaired.
  • Not able to process USD invoices with Beanworks and sync with great plains.
  • There is a possibility of using the wrong accounting code.
  • The export module cannot export data and PDF(it can only attach manually).
  • Some repetitive and redundant steps are irritating.
  • Only 80 invoices per page that are less for large-scale businesses.

Other details

DeploymentCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Supported deviceLinux, Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone
SupportEmail/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat
TrainingIn-Person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation, Videos
Supported languages English, French
Customer ratingsCapterra: 4.6 (36+reviews)
G2 : 4.5 (153+reviews)

Beanworks Alternatives


We hope this blog post has provided you with sufficient information about Beanworks.

After considering Beanworks software features and benefits, you can choose this software, but we suggest you also compare it with its competitors. Likewise, it would be best to consider its drawbacks before making a final decision.


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