ERP Accounting Software Requirements For Your Business

If you are looking for ERP accounting software requirements, you are at the right place. It’s a time-consuming process to assess application softwares, then compare what they are offering to what the organization needs. With several reputable vendors on the market, it’s not always clear which product represents the best option. SOSE! SITE Open Source ERP! will help you touch all the bases as your investigate each software. Before considering any ERP software solution for your business you should know what are your business needs.
Begin by evaluating the way your organization does business and determining what needs to be changed. This exercise is commonly called business process assessment.
Remember that all ERP solutions are designed not only to automate what you do but also to change the way you do it. Assessing your processes prepares your organization to use technology and helps streamline procedures.
Answer questions about your business needs.
Indicate the vertical segment or industry that most applies to your business.

Here is the page which shortlist different industrial segments. Select all that applies to you.

Indicate which one of the following enterprise size and organizational structures most accurately represents your organization.

  • Single Site (autonomous, subsidiary, or division of a large corporation)
  • National (several sites in the same country)
  • Multinational (sites in multiple countries)
Select the range that represents the total number of people employed by your company.
In what languages do you need to use this solution? This refers to requirements such as a user interface language (List as many as are appropriate).
More information about language support here….
Please indicate your requirements for the ERP softwares’s localization capabilities (e.g., tax & regulatory compliance) within the following regions (List all that apply).
More on presence of ERP on regional base.
List your organization’s functional requirements.
Here is the list of common functional requirement to assist you with selection.
Technical requirements

List the the server platforms you plan on using (List all that apply).

  • IBM iSeries
  • Linux (such as SUSE, Red Hat, or Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Unix (such as Solaris or AIX)
  • Windows Server (such as NT/2003/Vista)
List the database(DBMS) platforms you plan on using (select all that apply).
  • dBase
  • FoxBase
  • IBM DB2
  • Informix
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Pervasive.SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Progress
  • Proprietary database
  • Scalable SQL
  • Sybase
List which of the following technologies you will require (List all that apply).
  • ebXML
  • HTTP
  • J2EE Platform (e.g., IBM WebSphere, SunOne, etc.)
  • RosettaNet
  • Web services — SOAP
  • Web services — UDDI
  • Web services — WSDL
  • Other

Since ERP accounting software requirements gathering is first and foremost a business initiative, you should first define and document your current business processes, pain points, and strengths. This analysis should also include what you think your processes should look like in the future and the corresponding business requirements. These processes and requirements should eventually be used for potential software vendors to demonstrate their product’s capabilities within the context of your business needs.Please go here for shortlisting systems which meets ERP accounting software requirements. .

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