OpenBOM PDM Software (Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons)

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OpenBOM PDM Software

Product data management (PDM) has become a critical factor in product development in recent years. The right PDM system can help you organize and manage your product data, improve communication among team members, and automate specific tasks. 

So how do you choose the right PDM system for your business? This comprehensive guide will provide you with all-over knowledge of OpenBOM.

Here we discuss OpenBOM product data management software and how it is helpful to your production with its unique features and pricing. We also consider the pros and cons.

Latest Version:1.0.2347

Released date: March 29, 2022

What is OpenBOM?

It is a cloud-based product data management software and SaaS platform that allows you to manage your products, parts, and bills of materials (BOMs) in one place.

With it, you can easily create and manage your BOMs, track inventory levels and pricing changes, and collaborate with suppliers and manufacturers.

It also offers a variety of tools for managing parts, purchases, CAD(Computer-aided -design) files, and documents.

This software integrates with other BOM, ERP, and PLM and does not require any particular skill to work on it. This works as excel and can automatically generate fusion 360 like 2D, 3D, and PDF.


Plans for monthly billing

  • Design– It’s free
  • Team: It starts from $156 per month per seat
  • Company: It starts from $216 per month per seat
  • Enterprise: You need to contact the vendor directly
Monthly Pricing
Monthly Subscription Plan

Plans for yearly billing

  • Design– It’s free
  • Team: Costs $65/month /per seat (billed yearly)
  • Company: Costs $90/month /per seat (billed yearly)
  • Enterprise: You need to contact the vendor directly
Yearly pricing
Yearly Subscription Plan

Additional License

Onboarding services: $1500

OpenBOM Onboarding Service

Key features

Key Features of OpenBOM


OpenBom software is flexible. It is built to hold different data semantically, and it is customizable. It helps with data sharing between companies.

As it is similar to excel and spreadsheets, it manages your data and easily connects information. Comparatively, it is less complex than PLM and ERP.

Document management

This feature is useful for managing drawings and CAD files. It manages the integration of file storage using different catalogs.

Inventory management

This allows you to manage the purchase order, production, inventory, production batches, and procurement planning.

Purchase Order of OpenBOM
Purchase orders

Automatic tracking

This feature allows you to automatically track the changes, send the change requests, and approve the mechanism. So it is easy for you to track BOM structure, CAD files, and other documents. 

Flexible formulas

Flexible formulas are one of the major features of OpenBOM. These flexible formulas make calculation easy and quick. As a result, operations of any data property can be done very effectively with high speed.

Data analytics

Graphical representation is a good way to store and navigate the relations, which helps to analyze, navigate, and access the companies and beyond company information.

Integration with CAD tools

This feature is helpful for you to import the bill of materials and CAD files easily and have the option to convert the documents to PDF or DXF.


Catalogs allow you to stay organized and keep track of your inventory levels so that when production starts, or vendors deliver materials, they will know what’s required exactly. Easily You can store, manage organize the items.

Catalog of OpenBoM
Dashboard of the Bill of Materials


  • User-friendly and easy to customize
  • The catalog option allows separating the stock from BOMs
  • Easily integrates with CAD and other PDM tools
  • Able to create and manage multilevel BOMs and Summerise the total(count, sum, and many other functions)
  • Easily create catalogs from Fusion 360


  • The interface is not intuitive or modern-looking, with a few old-fashioned features thrown in for good measure.
  • It does not recognize the related geometric elements.

Other information

AlternativesAutodesk vault, Solidworks PDM, Siemens Teamcenter, Delogue

User opinion

Users can easily manage complicated multilevel robotic equipment BOMs with OpenBOM. With this, anyone can catch mistakes that they would never have found without them. Users can also get ahead of the game by using reference catalogs for incorrect/ duplicate part numbers.


How does OpenBOM reduce cycle time?

It reduces cycle times by allowing us to efficiently reuse a previously created document, make some changes and have another new version ready for manufacturing.

What is OpenBOM used for?

The software is a tool that can be used in all stages of engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain environments. It will replace obsolete PDM or PLM systems to bring your company into the future with efficiency.


OpenBOM should be one of your top options if you are looking for good PDM software. It has many features that will support your company and its operations.

Its integration with CAD and other BOMs and its cataloging and inventory management capabilities can help streamline your operations and increase efficiency.


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